The dew of hope on the leaves of life!

By the spark of humanity,

Many candles of hope are kindled every moment,

Bringing under shade their trees of life,

Conceiving new enthusiasm in their souls,

Illuminating every corner in their minds,

Projecting every bit of their thoughts into new oceans of Opportunity,

Singing the melody of love and exploring new ideas,

In this limitless expanse of the cosmos,

Are Radiating the rays of hope!


Sneak Peek: The Morning 

With the Enchanting rays filtering through the green leaves,

The Dawn wakes up and the night sleeps,

The birds start chatting amongst themselves,

Setting a new destination, With ignited minds and Kindled hopes,

Twitters and random rantings,

New Meanings and New aspirations,

New expectations and New Journeys,

Setting up to earmark the day with loads of  Wishes and fulfilling them with vibrant efforts,

Its yet another morning to leave behind despairs and to proceed with illuminated spirits and Motivation!!

Good Morning☺👍