Your Little acts of Happiness, can blossom a life once again! Don’t hesitate to smile, Don’t hesitate to make others believe that there ARE people who care for their smile….


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The dew of hope on the leaves of life!

By the spark of humanity,

Many candles of hope are kindled every moment,

Bringing under shade their trees of life,

Conceiving new enthusiasm in their souls,

Illuminating every corner in their minds,

Projecting every bit of their thoughts into new oceans of Opportunity,

Singing the melody of love and exploring new ideas,

In this limitless expanse of the cosmos,

Are Radiating the rays of hope!


The slice of pizza🍕

A little chubby boy walked out of Domino’s  with a box of Pizza. Suddenly, some big hunk mistakenly pushed the little boy and the box slipped off from his hands on to the bed sheet spread on the roadside. Some small but needy children were seated on it. 

The chubby boy, began to look for it. A rugged boy , got up from bedsheet, came near to the boy and gave him his box. The boy was really illuminated that he found his box back. He said thanks and moved around to walk away. Suddenly, he stopped with a jolt. 

He came near the rugged boy and told him to have a slice from his pizza. The boy said nothing and took a slice and thanked him for the same. The chubby boy went away happily.

Image Source: nj.com

The rugged boy did not have the slice alone, he infact shared the slice with three other boys. And the face of each of the four boys was like they were having a treat. They danced and enjoyed like anything. Their faces lined up as if the chubby boy was no less than a superhero!!

Hardly, did the chubby boy know that a slice of pizza can be the reason for so many smiles!😊😊


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Epitome of Peace: Saint Mother Teresa

The whole world bowed heads in respect and admiration as Noble Peace Prize Winner and Bharat Ratna Mother Teresa was declared Saint by Pope Francis.

An epitome of Peace and an ideal for thousands of People across the globe, living her life with simplicity and bestowing her life in the service of the Needy; Saint Mother Teresa is an inspiration to infinitely many Young and Energised minds projected towards the service of Humanity.

Source: Twitter 

#Respect and #Thanks from the bottom of hearts of all the people across the Globe!


The Girl in Pink Top

Seating on the Bus Stop waiting for my bus, I leaned on the extra polished benches.

Suddenly,A grey Scooty stopped with a screetch.
She wore a pink Top and a dark blue pair of denims, her hairs were silky and oscillated to and fro as she lurched forward towards a visually different old man who had been trying hard to cross the road, for the last 300 seconds.
Every Time he tried to proceed further, Fast Rash traffic brought him to a hault.
” Hello Uncle, Aapko Kahaan Jaana hai?”, asked the girl holding the old man’s hand.
The old man explained that he had been trying to cross the road to go to the bus stand on the other side of the road.
” Main aapko Bus stand tak le jaati hun”, Said the girl, probably with a smile; I could’nt see her face.
She offered to help the Uncle cross the road.
Placing her hand on the old man’s shoulders, and she held her stick with the other hand.


” I shall explain to you whatever is happening around , okay Uncle! “, she said while directing him to the Subway.
” Small Kids have just stepped down from the school bus and are looking out for their parents”
” A mysterious man dressed in formal clothes has put on a sunglasses and is pretending to show himself as Man in Black”
” AutoRickshaw drivers are  hailing every person coming out from the Metro station, to drag them to their respective autos…Hahaha…”
” A couple is engaged in having an ice cream together,as if they seem to show off more than they actually enjoy the ice cream”
” The Kulchae Wale Bhaiya is pretty busy in attending to his customers,satisfying their hunger in minimum possible costs as well as entertaining them with his Fm Radio and extra Audible Speakers.”
” An Aunty is scolding her husband for some unknown mistake that he would have committed “
” A tall man is bargaining with the Auto Driver over some fare issues.”
” Few of the college going students are dissucussing their hot shot topics on politics”
” … And here we come to the Bus stop “.

” Thank you Betaa “, Uncle thanked the girl.

The girl held his both hands and tapped it with her right hand and turned around.

I saw her at distance of one road width, approx 25m , She was beautiful!
She was indeed beautiful even at her heart!!



A big expectation from Humans is that they should try and consider others as human too!! Now, this expectation stands true until you’re betrayed by the same humans! 

So,I guess a better thought will be to consider them as humans who consider us as themselves!! Give it a thought!

 A pretty interesting quote in this regard is 

Treat others as you would like to be treated!!

Rants have started off again!!☺ Dont worry someday you’ll be doing the same!Hahaha😊☺


A letter to the Anonymous!

Dear Anonymous,
I dont know why am I addressing this to you.
But I really feel it is apt for me to do so, for few things cannot be explained in reasoning.

Its really sad when we fight for silly and stupid reasons( which may appear to us as a question on our existence when we are inflamed in the fire of anger), and land up doing nothing!

And on the other hand people who are similar human beings as we are, their life and existence itself is at stake, let alone the stupid reasons to fight. A similar situation is being faced by the people of North And North East India. They include states of Assam,Uttar Pradesh, Bihar,WestBengal and some parts of Uttarakhand.Hundreds of thousands of people are misplaced, their houses are washed away in the floodwaters. They have no food to eat, and even no potable water to quench their thirst. Sunken eyes of the kids who are yet to mark their feets on the ground are witnessing such a disastrous scene infront of their eyes.

You must be thinking why am I explaining this to you,
you may be probably aware of the same as the Headlines are flashing on every News Channel,
probably what would happen by sharing another post on the social media
( some may even challenge, these social media butterflies cannot do anything on ground zero, they just know to blabber about any other thing and have hell lot to say on such issues without lending out any helping hand)

I accept all the above allegtions, but through this post I just want to convey that our life is too short for hatred. What’s new in that you may think? He’s back in his preaching mode!

Okay, you are free to think whatever you want! But, I just wanna say please stop trying to find excuse for brewing another seeds of hatred. Try to ignore little things a bit. If you do so, your ego will not at all be damaged.
If someone tries to intrude, step aside and let him/her fall for their actions.

Understand and speak. Dont speak for the sake of speaking.

I know not many people will find it useful, for it may seem too old fashioned for them to try these! But, I really dont care much, for I will be happy for the one, located anywhere around the globe who benefits from this!


Thanks for giving your precious time!


That Summer afternoon

It’s almost July, and the warmth during afternoon hours has really shooted up almost like never before. Its almost unbearable to walk for a few kilometers, provided you have caps and sunglasses to fight the heat.
Nearly, a decade ago, I used to read about GreenHouse Gases and Global warming. Today, I can probably see it considerably affecting the seasons and their usual patterns. March used to be rather cooloer than it appears to be today.

Anyways, for those of you who must be wondering ,why have I  turned into a GREENMANIAC suddenly, the following excerpt answers it all.

So, I was on the way to market, with most of myself trying to steal some shade of the trees.
On the balcony of the corner house, I saw a small kid,doing something that is generally unexpected, but quiet mature an act to leave us astonished and inspired.

She was a small little girl dressed in a cute pink frock, with prints of cindrella and small little threads of silk osciallated as she jumped up and down , while clapping her little hands. A smile spread on my face for no reason known until, I moved my face at an angle ,enough to catch a glimpse of a small earthen pot, with water in it and a pair of pigeon and another pair of  sparrows, sitting on the brim of the pot, trying to wipe out their thirst. I saw their small beaks dip into the shallow pot and almost each drop of water that was sipped by them went rolling inside their throat ,to  ensure they are at least not thirsty anymore.The need and importance of water is clearly evident from this excerpt. All we need to do, is to act on grounded realities in addition to writing posts to make the people aware of the importance of water and collectively make it notion to use water judicioulsy thus ensuring its sustainability.


image credits: indianhomemaker.wordpress.com via google images

They sipped water for nearly 30 seconds in all, and set off to their destination, as it appeared to me. The Little girl did not know that she has set, probably, one of the biggest milestones of  humanity and Kindness. The birds must have thanked the little girl, and above all, she had done something which is lost somewhere in todays world!
We are so busy in our own world, so rapid in our actions, that we cannot even visualize such acts of humanity, let alone doing them ourselves.

I personally thanked the girl from the bottom of my heart,not in words, but by waiving an “Excellent Job Done ” to her and just thought to spread her little act of humanity into the world.

Please Do Not hesitate to carry out many more such acts of humanity and Kindness. I know you may be Hell lot busy with your work but it will take just two minutes out of your Blogging or chatting time.

Keep spreading smiles!


She Says !


She says,why am I not strong enough,to fight the people exploiting me?

She says,why am I not confident enough of my personality,even though I am well Educated and at par with the People around me?

She says, Is it necessary for me to expose off my body parts to win a beauty paegent,or to act in a movie,and that my talent has no role to play?

She says, Is it necessary that If i go to a pub,people assume me to be a slut?

She says, Why is that,Even if I am from an adorable family, I am not adored,unless i go ‘micro’ on my clothes?

Questions are Endless,but the bitter Truth is that No One Dares,to Answer!

Its Time to ponder over!