The Canopy of Starsđź’–

And the little boy lay down on the cold grass of the Garden, 
Under the canopy of stars, sandwiched between the blanket of chilled winds and fog,

The people came and went by, but his dreams continued… Someday, he would be a little closer to the skies, 

Someday he would carry our a conversation with his favourite stars up above the world…

Someday,he would be what people call as BIG,

but he won’t skip any moment of laying down on the grass,

he won’t skip any moment of fantascising yet another dream,

Under the canopy of stars…..



The incredible Mind..

The Incredible mind reads so much,

The forlorn , The giggle masked and the neutral faces,

The helpful,The backstabber, The right ,The wrong;

The broken, The rejuvenated, 

The torn apart, The united forever,

The Incredible Mind reads it all!!


You are with me! You are in me!

In the garden of memories,

Flowers of feeling blossom,

Faces smile and cacade before eyes,

And the lips curve into smiles,

Goosebumps across the body,

Closed eyes feel their presence,

Soft cotton like breeze gently massages the face,

The warmth of the rising Sun comforts the cold skin,

The chirping of birds, as if they are the whispers,

Yes! I can feel your presence,

Yes! You are with me. You are in me.