The kid and the squirrel!

School kids often do many annoying things to climb upon your nerves.

Like….Shouting, Shrill Voice yet loud Conversations, Asking so many questions(sometimes those beyond their age!😎) and Not settling at a single place for more than a minute. 

Two minutes time given. Close your eyes and imagine all of these.

Okay! Imagined.

However, the kid who draw my attention was not at all like these.

He was a small, cute boy probably studying in Kindergarten, sitting near a Banyan tree and quietly eating his lunch.Amidst the cacophony of hundreds of children, some jumping, some houling, some running; and this boy was totally confined within himself.

Meanwhile, A little squirrel was making marathons from one end of the courtyard to the Banyan tree. Probably, looking for some food to feed her young ones, as there were three other little squirrels but very quiet,just like the small boy. 

The boy was observing the squirrel and had perceived clearly that the squirrel was not able to collect the amount of food she needed. After seeing it for another five minutes, the little boy dropped two little cookies and went away at a distant place where the squirrel could not see him. 

As the squirrel came near the tree, she found two cookies broken into small pieces(as the boy had dropped it down) so that it could easily carry the same to her children.

The little boy who was hiding beside the tree started clapping and was overwhelmed with joy. His little cheeks turned pink with smile. He was in a state of Bliss!

I learned a very important lesson from the little boy.

Life is really fragile, we must handle it with care and compassion!

And that what gives you happiness, you must never refrain yourself from doing that,keeping in mind what the time demands!!



That Summer afternoon

It’s almost July, and the warmth during afternoon hours has really shooted up almost like never before. Its almost unbearable to walk for a few kilometers, provided you have caps and sunglasses to fight the heat.
Nearly, a decade ago, I used to read about GreenHouse Gases and Global warming. Today, I can probably see it considerably affecting the seasons and their usual patterns. March used to be rather cooloer than it appears to be today.

Anyways, for those of you who must be wondering ,why have I  turned into a GREENMANIAC suddenly, the following excerpt answers it all.

So, I was on the way to market, with most of myself trying to steal some shade of the trees.
On the balcony of the corner house, I saw a small kid,doing something that is generally unexpected, but quiet mature an act to leave us astonished and inspired.

She was a small little girl dressed in a cute pink frock, with prints of cindrella and small little threads of silk osciallated as she jumped up and down , while clapping her little hands. A smile spread on my face for no reason known until, I moved my face at an angle ,enough to catch a glimpse of a small earthen pot, with water in it and a pair of pigeon and another pair of  sparrows, sitting on the brim of the pot, trying to wipe out their thirst. I saw their small beaks dip into the shallow pot and almost each drop of water that was sipped by them went rolling inside their throat ,to  ensure they are at least not thirsty anymore.The need and importance of water is clearly evident from this excerpt. All we need to do, is to act on grounded realities in addition to writing posts to make the people aware of the importance of water and collectively make it notion to use water judicioulsy thus ensuring its sustainability.


image credits: via google images

They sipped water for nearly 30 seconds in all, and set off to their destination, as it appeared to me. The Little girl did not know that she has set, probably, one of the biggest milestones of  humanity and Kindness. The birds must have thanked the little girl, and above all, she had done something which is lost somewhere in todays world!
We are so busy in our own world, so rapid in our actions, that we cannot even visualize such acts of humanity, let alone doing them ourselves.

I personally thanked the girl from the bottom of my heart,not in words, but by waiving an “Excellent Job Done ” to her and just thought to spread her little act of humanity into the world.

Please Do Not hesitate to carry out many more such acts of humanity and Kindness. I know you may be Hell lot busy with your work but it will take just two minutes out of your Blogging or chatting time.

Keep spreading smiles!