Not just kids!!☺

We can learn so much from Children. The kids, not just today, they have been acting smart since ages and in a way they actually are smarter than the Adults! Don’t believe me, just talk to any kid in your domain and you shall not be surprised when you frame the same opinion, as I do.

The way they approach the things, is probably the same, any Soft skills orator and Motivational Speaker would tell you to follow up, Confident and Enthusiastically. 

The zeal they show for learning new things is unparalleled. Afterall, when you were a child, you did the same.

 Just drive down the memory lane and you can find a lot of answers that you are in need of at the present moment.

Just try to learn something good from the Children. Believe me, they are one of the best Teachers!! 

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One day when we were sitting in the park and ranting all stuffs, from head to toe, from North pole to South Pole everything, literally.

One of us said, ” Guys! You know my parents are so after me. They literally advice me for every other thing. They behave as if I am still a kid. They ask every detail like what have I eaten, when will I go for classes, Have I washed my clothes in a while, Have I kept my room tidy, and blah…blah..blah..I dont understand why exactly are they up my sleeves,like I am a nobody, like I have no individuality, like I am stranded in my own world, Whyyyyy? “

There was an awkward silence in the atmosphere for a few seconds, following which an old man walked past us saying ” You will get to know your ‘why’ when you will become Parents, one day and probably then Your kids may ask you the same question. Reply the same! “, He smiled and moved forward!

All I could do was just musing how can some people be so apt!


Those were the days : resumed

Kids of 80s and 90s (Part 2)


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We knew a little about the world,but all we knew, itself formed Our World.

The days which marked our ‘years’ of our childhood,were far more like an age.There were limited rules,limited people, limited knowhows, limited emotions and unlimited,carefree fun and frolic, cries and learning, ideas and imaginations!

We had little resources, but we lived each day with enough fervour and enthusiasm, enjoying each moment , though unaware about scholastic and philosophical aspects of ‘Enjoying each day’. We loved our comic characters like our family members. Each doll and each teddy in our house had already proclaimed its existence as a family member,when few of us wrapped our hands and legs around them,at bedtime.
Many of us even carved out the characters from paper or cardboard sheets and maintained a gang of superheroes to challenge our friends’.

We did not hold any bias of rich and poor,high or low castes, above status or below status. We just gleamed out of the fancy world of desires and taboo, to understand the only thing that the guy/girl sitting on the sand hill on the beach is our friend, and we made all sorts of Sand castles playing in dirt and enjoying the Sun.

Someway or the other our Outdoors were a more common place for fun and frolic for us, unlike today when outdoor games have definitely faded away, with their footprints on the sands of time.