Midnight Musings

The clock strikes midnight

Moonlight filters through the window pane

Still somewhere in the world 

Someone rejoices someone cries in pain

Half of the world is ought to be asleep

But you dont know what compelled them to take a stroll in their adjoining lane

Some talk, some chat, some are silent, some are violent

Love brews up somewhere, Hatred kills down somewwhere

In this world of so many people

The world stands at rest

But the minds are still running.


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#BeyondMidnight 2

”Tick’ tick’ the clock strikes another number on the round dial.

As usual, there are no clouds of sleep around the eyes still, it feels like yawning! Another Late night chat show on the radio, tickles you at one moment and makes you feel nostalgic at another moment! The radio jockey delivers ‘Love messages’ and the audience mood swings between hilarious and cruel remarks! 

It’s tough to hear people tortured for their ‘one sided love’ and hearing some cruel people who know nothing other than their so called ‘self esteem’ or will it sound too arrogant if I call them ‘mean and self centered’!

I turn off the radio and switch on to the music player. Nothing soothes you more than the 90s songs of Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik and Udit Narayan.

‘ Pehla Nasha’, ‘ Aey mere humsafar’ by Udit Narayan and ‘ Chura ke Dil mera’ and ‘ payaliya’ by Kumar Sanu are just awesome! Not just the lyrics, but the music and the voice , everything just feels so apt for a late night mood.

The clock strikes 1, and then I realize that I have classes to attend the next morning! So Good Night world on my part and All the Best to the people on other half of the world who put on their shoes to get off for work!