What will happen?

And the next moment when you waste your precious time worrying about what to do, and what will happen and all such shit;


 lack any instances of inclusion of actions for the same; all of  you would be like depressed, kicked up, and nearly screwed up to give a major blow on your confidence. 

Even reading this post will not rescue you, until you set other things aside and work like never before, and stop thinking shit!

So, don’t just read this, Go and Work actually. 

And yes assume that I am some sacred saint preaching you all this. I say it because I am gonna do the same once I finish composing this post! You can do it! I can do it! We can do so much, together…Yeaahhh!!!☺👍💪



You didn’t know how to walk when you were a child, So? 

You gradually learned.

You didn’t know how to pronounce a word, So?

Now you know many of them.

You didn’t know how to solve arithmetic questions, so?

Now you offer the same questions to your students.

You didn’t know how to speak in public,so?

Now you can not only speak with command but you can convince people too.

You questioned to your teachers, or probably to yourself, so?

Now you impose question on others.

Your classmates bullied you, so?

Now no one can even dare to!

You were so caught into the phase between Adolescence and Adulthood, so?

Now you handle global relationships.

You didn’t know how to tell your heart to your crush,so?

Now people know him/her as your better half.

You thought if success is meant for you, so?

Now people ask you for your success mantra.

You still ponder have I achieved something in my life, so?

Now you have an answer to this!

Don’t forget to value yourself everyday.You are an amazing human being. Respect yourself. Keep yourself happy, before you can make others to do so!


Live life like a Child, and I am not ‘preaching’ that!!

Its been a trend over the years to make people understand how to live life. People have been posting their enjoyable moments over social network, and I am not at all an exception to this. 

Yeah, I do enjoy a boat ride, trekking, bungee Jumping, Skydiving, Paragliding, and Musing on white snowy mountains.

I seriously feel too attracted to River Rafting, Underwater scuba diving and Deep sea exploration, but that doesn’t mean I have to get it done how the other people want me to. Confused? Okay, close your eyes and imagine,how did you eat when you were a three year old kid. Like getting it on your spoon, and then try hard to carry that to the mouth but still you ended up spreading all the chocolate cake on your face. But did you really care about what your other relatives or friends(though you didn’t have many at that time😉), or even the ‘Cultured’ people sitting on the adjacent table, pretending to ‘eat’, and not ‘enjoy’ the food. 

However,you enjoyed it to the fullest. Right? Oh!! That face, can you forget, chocolate spread all over your face and you are letting it melt in your mouth with your eyes closed.


Neither can I, nor others can make you live your life. If you live your life as others want you to, you simply aren’t doing it right. Of course you can get inspired, learn things but the ultimate fact is ‘To Do It in Your Own Way’.

Jump like you never did, Sing with your highest pitch, Run around freely, experience the cool breeze with your arms open, make faces like the kids do, enjoying every moment like ………like yourself!! You don’t need to be like others, Do you?


Is there a Leonardo Dicaprio within each one of us?

From Titanic to The Revenant, it would absolutely not have been cakewalk for the actor we all know today.

That people love you is a support, but my friend the world has set really high status for being recognized as Successful.

Leonardo has been phenomenal in most of his films. His acts have left us awestruck lot of times, whether its a romantic and Chocolate boy character in Titanic, or an absolutely brilliant and Profound masterpiece in The Shutter Island.

However, despite his marvellous performances in varied genres, it took him long but really fruitful years to get to the Oscars.But obviously, when you give your best, you get the best. The Revenant really deserved him an Oscar and hopefully he achieved the same.

He has also been an avid Environmentalist supporting the cause of Awareness on Climatic changes over the years.

So, coming to the question,

Is there a Leonardo DiCaprio within each one of us?

Probably, yes!

It’s because we too have been working all the years and may be, we are yet to get an Oscar-Equivalent recognition in our lives.

It may be that just like Leonardo had enough of support from his fans all the years, there are some fantastic people around to support us at every step that we take.

Why not we can try like Leonardo did?Inspite of being denied at the Oscars for so many years, He worked equally hard for each of his movies, which eventually turned out to be Blockbusters.

It takes huge pain to accept the levels of success that you expected but you could not get. But its definitely not the sign to stand aside and wait for others to console you, but eventually you should make these  ‘others ‘ believe that yes! He is not done yet!! 

The movie is yet to conclude!!

And when it gets concluded make sure you have your ‘Oscar’ in hand like Leonardo has!!


Compliments vs. Insults

Over the years, all of us have experienced various life instances some sweet some bitter.
Our deeds have been similarly rated by the people around us, we get compliments if we do something that is ‘GOOD IN THE EYES OF THE others’ and the same people dont forget to insult us when we do something that is ‘Not so good’ in their eyes.

Its a well known fact and probably I am not the first person telling you these. For we have ‘equally good advisers’ in the society!

So, how do you actually talk about and let your personality get effected by these ‘Compliments’ and ‘Insults’?

Do you forget your insults? No you dont. No one does.

Do you remember the compliments? Seldom.

Why is there a difference? We tend to forget the good things and remember the things that have once hurt us.


There’ s a simple reason and you can get it quickly.

Have you ever asked a kid not to go to a place where he/she is likely to fall down or get hurt? Does the kid obey you? He always wants to go to that place because you’ve actually told him not to do so. That restriction on him turns out to transform into his curiosity.

Similarly, when you tell a teenager that drinking milk is good for him/her. He never wants to do that. Tell him/her not to have frequent pizzas and he shall do the reverse.

Similar is the case with compliments and insult.
We think a lot about insults, days and weeks in fact!

How long we think about the moment when someone had once praised us or complimented us for something good that we’ve done?
A moment, An hour , at max A day.
And here lies the solution.

We need to Think equally about the compliments we recieve and the insults we face.

Because both of them definitely teach us something that will come out help us sooner or later, in the journey of our lives.