The kid and the squirrel!

School kids often do many annoying things to climb upon your nerves.

Like….Shouting, Shrill Voice yet loud Conversations, Asking so many questions(sometimes those beyond their age!😎) and Not settling at a single place for more than a minute. 

Two minutes time given. Close your eyes and imagine all of these.

Okay! Imagined.

However, the kid who draw my attention was not at all like these.

He was a small, cute boy probably studying in Kindergarten, sitting near a Banyan tree and quietly eating his lunch.Amidst the cacophony of hundreds of children, some jumping, some houling, some running; and this boy was totally confined within himself.

Meanwhile, A little squirrel was making marathons from one end of the courtyard to the Banyan tree. Probably, looking for some food to feed her young ones, as there were three other little squirrels but very quiet,just like the small boy. 

The boy was observing the squirrel and had perceived clearly that the squirrel was not able to collect the amount of food she needed. After seeing it for another five minutes, the little boy dropped two little cookies and went away at a distant place where the squirrel could not see him. 

As the squirrel came near the tree, she found two cookies broken into small pieces(as the boy had dropped it down) so that it could easily carry the same to her children.

The little boy who was hiding beside the tree started clapping and was overwhelmed with joy. His little cheeks turned pink with smile. He was in a state of Bliss!

I learned a very important lesson from the little boy.

Life is really fragile, we must handle it with care and compassion!

And that what gives you happiness, you must never refrain yourself from doing that,keeping in mind what the time demands!!