Following dreams??


Its really easy to say, “Follow your dreams” , but to actually transform the saying into reality is definitely not a cakewalk!
One has to struggle hard to traverse across the sea of odds, waves of pessimism, and all sorts of danger that may even subject the person’s life at stake.

Think about a random kid, who has no issues with his world, he is carefree, surrounded by his utmost desires, he roams about freely in the ground, he jumps , he sings, he dances, he does all sorts of crazy things, he is nowhere involved in the dillemma of life. He has his world of awesome friends,toys, chocolates and books. He has no compulsions, he has a free life.

The kid transforms into a teenager, he now understands the world better, he has feelings about the good and the bad, he dreams like anything, and the hilarious part is , all his dreams are already true when he looks at them,basically, there’s no ‘How? ‘ in his new world of dreams and desires.

He grows up some more, he gets graduated, he has his dreams in his mind, but its not the time that he could think about it properly, give full time emphasis on it, but he focuses more on earning bread for his family. You must be of the opinion, what if the dream of the person is exactly that will earn him bread too! OHH MANN!
I must tell you, its a myth for most of the dreamers, except for a few who dare and take weigh too much of risks to make it possible.

Once he earns, his life passes by, gradually stacking a pile of dust over his dream book.

What next, he becomes too involved in his new world once again, that he has no time to reconstruct his dreamy mind.

At certain age, when he finishes off his priorities and realizes, Have I lived up to my dreams! What was it , I wanted to do, but I could not!

Its a dramatic condition that arises out then, leaving the person spellbound by his imaginations. That day, may be a new begining for him, or it may be the last day of his dreams. He cannot make a choice then, but that he will himself be carried to a certain path, is definitely the thing that would happen to him.

So, shall i spoon feed you another quote about Life, success, dreams and bla bla blaa…Relax! I wont be doing that for I am no such established specialist in it! LOL!

I would rather say,rewind your life and zoom!
Can you see someone very familiar? They seem to be the ones who created you. They loved you, before anyone else did.

You can leave out the post once you feel like its weigh too much beyond idealism and loving your parents.

Thanks, all those continued with the post….
I will make you see something. Just close your eyes. Visualize the dreams of your parents, if not, just think about, what were the things they dreamt about but could not realize them. Just try to fulfill those. Your dreams will definitely find a way out of your parents’ dreams.

Someday, you will see them smile and that moment will be the best dream that you would have transformed into reality!

Keep Smiling, Keep Dreaming


Those were the days


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Kids of 80s & 90s  part I

As the First Rays of The Sun Marked the beginning of Morning,we packed up our Weapons: Bat,Ball,Chilled water bottles from fridge,
Chair(Not to Sit But to Make it the Wicket) and a piece of Chalk and proceeded towards the Cricket Battle field.

Every grounded shot that touched the wall of the nearby fence, was a four,However if the ball crossed the fence the Batsman was deemed to be OUT!
These were some childish but adament rules,we had to abide by.

As the Clock struck 10,we were called by our Parents to have the breakfast which often meant to be BRUNCH for us!!

Each lesson that we used to learn with the notebook in our hands,with the eyeballs rotating in every possible direction,is still rejoiceable.

Every Sunday at 12,it was our Fundamental Right to sit Infront of the Television, for Our Favourite show SHAKTIMAN.
Whether in our own TV or the TV for the colony,there used to be equal amount of Rush,and No one wanted to be interrupted during these 3600 seconds!!

The only movie we used to watch in our homes was the movie at 4 on Sunday Evenings.

We didnt have Computers,Mobiles etc, bUT I still remember some of my friends explaining the PAINS they took to connect the VIDEOGAME to the TV,And play
Mario and Hocus Pocus.

The games included Pakdam Pakdai(Cop and the Thief),Chupan Chupai(Hide and Seek),Denga Paani,Vyapaari(The Business game),Ludo,And the most Interesting was to play

Miss those Childhood Days!!


Amazing :)



Amazing are the ripples that are created in a lake,
Amazing are the choco chips that are studded in the cake

Amazing is,what instantly emits from your Heart,when you see the Sun rising from the snow covered mountain peaks,
Till every bud blooms into a vibrant flower,and the honey of that flower is what the honeybee seeks;

Amazing is the cuckoo,singing so sweet,
Amazing is the moment,when partners in a long distance relationship meet.

Amazing is the love of a Mother,for she cares for us,compromises her life only to make our life meaninful,
Amazing is the guidance of a Father who nurtures,moulds, and prepares us for the best,making our lives Successful.

Amazing are the readers,which make a book emerge as great,
Amazing are the readers,who are still in the search of a rhyming scheme,but how about if i tell u,
Blue vitriol is the name for copper Sulphate.

🙂 No offence,just Innocence 🙂


A Monologue with Life!


Pondering over my thoughts,in a monologue with Life, It says
” Follow me and You shall be led towards the world of Dreams”, “Hold all the Happiness , Hold all the Flowers of Glory and you shall be established on the Acme of Success.”
“I shall pave your path towards Living up your dreams”.

Dreams that were locked in the chains of Pessimism, the dreams that were piled up due to Lack of Confidence and Disbelief in myself, that were based on Countless emotions of Mind, Infinite capabilities of the Unconquered soul;
were all free now.

Free to Rejoice over each moment of Smile,
Free to Sing in a high pitched voice,
Free to Dance with Enthusiasm,
Free to make myself believe
“Yes It Is You, It is You “


Delhi Darshan : Old Delhi( Though Pretty Juvenile)

chandni  delhi3


The Instances of Delhi in Bollywood movies ,be it in Imtiaz Ali’ s Love Aaj Kal or Akshay  Kumar’s Chandni Chowk to China, or Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra’s Delhi 6, or be it the  tale illustrating the dark side and the oscillating mindset of a youth in the movie B A PASS; come alive when you stand amidst the sprawling magnificence of Old Delhi. From the Gol Gappe to the Imarati and Jalebi , to the extra Sensuous Biryanis, From Bangles to the Flower Bouquet , From Red Fort to Jama Masjid, From the aroma of flowers to the extra complicated Electrical Instruments; all of them owe their existence to the lanes of Delhi 6.


People at every instance will try to convince you that you’re amidst the Dilli Walas ,through which they project   & prove that they’re Dilwaalas (People With Big Hearts!).

Though recreated, in the aforesaid movies, the true magnificence of Chandni Chowk and Delhi 6 , is visible only when you set yourselves on foot and travel down the lanes of Old Delhi. Its Called Old, only because, they’ve created a more recent and beautifully carved Delhi, popularly known as Lutyen’s Delhi. However, it is the Old Delhi, which marks the Architectural Interests and the Masterpiece by talented workers, created then, the Forts, Palaces, Minarets, and Many such Ancient buildings, which signify the traditional values of India, even Today.

Numerous streets, welcome you with both hands apart, each step in these ‘Gullies ‘ will be the reason for a new experience.

While you will be really blown up, by the countless series of Shops, lined with fabrics, Worked Dresses, Sarees, Bangles


, and everything that can come to your mind; You will not find yourselves at ease when you visualize the drenched souls, living a life, only for the sake of living! There’s no hope visible on their faces, there are no destinations that their eyes can suggest, there is no pity, but only an urge by some physically unsatisfied people, to satisfy their hunger, which may not be possible many a times!


People craving to satisfy their physical needs/greed/obsession, whatever they may call it, mark their presence, which is further a need for the Women, who satisfy them. They earn their Breads, by keeping such men happy.

Moving on, You can observe a number of Architectural & Engineering Masterpieces, not because they’ve housed the most powerful rulers of their times, but because of their Structural Excellence, be it in their beauty or their strength, over the years.

If you are here, you definitely will find it an awesome place for a shopping spree.

From Jewelleries and Ear Rings, From Bangles to Anklets , From Bracelets to perfectly carved necklaces ,You will find it all.

That to make it yours,  is the only choice that your Mind will be populated with.

A Small Miniature and Artistically Magnificent model of The Taj Mahal , instantly grabbed my attention. It had an Electrical Circuit fitted, to its base which made it glow up and spread its Radiance when visualized in dark. It was simply awesome, when I got it for an unexpectedly low price, Probably, All I should do is to applaud the person who actually carved it to its form.

The Light Show at the Red Fort, can’t be really described in words. The only way is to experience it in person.

You will surely need some fillings ,to surrender it to your tummy. There’s no other way you can last longer. You can undoubtedly go for the followings:

1). Pao Bhaji( Bread & Spicy Aromatic Veggie Mix),


2). Biryaani( An Indian version of Fried Rice, which accommodates spices, condiments, Veggie or Meat(optional), and lots of Aroma that will make you crave for more once you have it!)


3). Choley Bhature (Another Spicy Dish served with chopped onions and Chutney, the main ingredients being a Bread fried(Bhature) & really delicious Black Chickpea Spices Mix!)


4). Imarti and Jalebis( Sweet Dishes at their Best!)

jalebi_imarti jalebi

5). Lassi (A Lot more than Sweetened Yoghurt!)

dsc_0685-2 Masala-Lassi-923x1024

So, Once you’re done refuelling yourself, all you need to go to the adjoining lanes and Check Out some really amazing collection of Bags, Backpacks, Shoes, and a funky pair of Slippers. Some Amazingly Cool Sunglasses will definitely try to grab some of your attention, specially when you closely observe, that they’re actually some Branded Pieces!

Basically, in a nutshell, It is a perfect Blend of Culture, History, Traditions, Food, Shopping Hub, and a perfect outing destination; making you to crave for some more!

Make Sure to carry enough Bucks, that will be enough to satisfy your cravings!


In a conversation with Auto Wale Bhaiya!!



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” 50 Rupay “, said the AutoRickshaw Driver,when I inquired for the fare for Bus Stand.
No sooner had I boarded the Auto,than it started drifting along the dusty lanes of the city. It was a cold winter morning. The Early Morning fog had populated the Roads,hence diminishing the visibility to mere few metres.
I tell you,the auto wale Bhaiyya was really good at driving across the foggy pathways,managing every vehicle in a manner similar to the NFS cars along some snow covered mountaneous tracks.

” Gaadi aapki apni hai Bhaiyya “,I inquired to know whether he was the owner, brave enough to perform such stunts.
” Arrrey Nahi Bhaiiiyaa Kahaan se Apnaaa ,Kiraaye pe lewat hainn,
Lekin sochaat hain ki ek Din Apnaa bhi le lewenge”, answered Bhaiyya where he tried to convince me,that He was confident and determined of Realizing his dream of Owning his own vehicle!

” Haan Haan Kyu nahi, Bilkul! Kahaan ke ho Bhaaiiya”, I kept on Asking so as to make the Cold atmosphere a bit warm by thinking about things,other than the cold.
” Bihar se hain”
“Kon Zilaa Baa!!”, I asked in local dialect of Bihar, demonstrating a small amount of emotional quotient.
” Danapur “, he answered with an extra vigour, his voice turning nostalgic.
” Katnaa Kiraayaa Lewat hain Bhaiyya”, I asked about the fixed sum he had to pay to the owner of the AutoRickshaw.
” 300 Rupyaa Lewat hain Bhaiyya, upar se CNG hame hi Bharwaani padat hain”, he added.

He also narrated that once while he was driving at Night,two beggars boarded,and were talking, that they had managed to collect 1000 Rupees. He exclaimed the fact that, in course of Begging at the signals, and Doing Relatively No Work,as compared to his work. Well, his justification was true to some extent. However,cannot be generalised. Sometimes Experiences are enough to teach us a lot more about every happening around us.

300 Bucks a day plus his savings. 16 hrs of Journey on cold and hot days.
Unknown passangers. Unknown Talks.
Sympathy.Hatred. Humiliation.
All these combined together defined his life.

There are lot more things that the Autowallahs experience.
But, the ultimate reality, beyond all this is the Struggle for Life, sustaining themselves in one of most expensive cities.
I say, Its not a cakewalk!

A dream of owning his own AutoRickshaw, and Day and Night Striving to achieve the same. To turn his dream into reality.

At times,conversations with the grass root people help you to project yourself better, towards  Life and People.
Afterall,It says much, when you hear it from others!