7 must have contents on your WordPress Blog!!

Imagine the day when you launched your blog. You were popping with ideas, expressions, emotions and above all Truckloads of Imagination.

You supplied a suitable title, a catchy tagline and organised you ideas on to real time content on your blog. You went through lot of sites and successful blogs to figure out what strategies they follow.

Okay, now fast forward..

You’re here. Six months have passed. You’ve got decent number of followers, Convincing stats, but somewhere down at the bottom, you are pricked that where to bring the next content from! Should it be a poetry, a story or some quotes!

Now, this is where my post comes to your rescue. Even if you are a beginner, you can catch hold of the keypoints quickly!

So have a look:

  1. Quotes: These are compressed form of your ideas, that are well to do with the viewers. The world is too fast paced these days. They want quality content in minimum time. So, if you haven’t included a quote category on your blog, do it Now!
  2. Story: Writing a story is much more difficult than telling it.So, if you have any fiction or real tales popping up ib your mind, make sure you write them in way that literally tells the story to the audience. They may not feel like reading it. They should feel like the story is kind of conversation between the characters and the audience.
  3. Vlog: Video posts launched on several video hosting sites, more specifically YouTube, has gained immense popularity within a short span. It helps you to communicate better!
  4. Real Life experiences: The audience connects with you better, if you share at least one of your experiences,daily. They feel as if they’re a part of you. It builds relationships.
  5. Travelogue: This doesn’t really mean, you have to pack your bags and leave for an excursion. No! All you need is to make the people visit the places,you have visited, through your words. You may not really need to upload real pictures, you can also embed them.
  6. Picture Gallery: It is probably the best way to showcase your WordPress journey till now. It makes your audience more connected to your blog, emotionally as well as psychologically.
  7. Interview or A Talk with fellow bloggers:  Everyone wants to be famous and respected. If you give a small token of respect by inviting your fellow bloggers to tell their story on your blog, it can create lot of buzz on your blog.

So guys, please share your take on this!!

Hope you liked and would implement the same, as soon as possible.



The Dawn of Self Employment and StartUps

Since time immemorial, humans have been involved in various activities. Stone picking, making tools, hunting animals, agriculture, pottery, cooking and many more.
Over the years as the needs demanded people begin to switch and create new professions. Initially, they were not professsions but merely a work that was deemed to be done for survival. For example: Hunting Animals was never a profession, or rather Agriculture was never a profesSion,

But! Both Hunting and Agriculture were the needs. They hunted animals because they felt hungry, once they had a knowhow of the seeds, they started growing crops.

Once they had surplus of crops, they started selling the same, as some other group of people gave them tools to protect them from wild animals. And this probably, became the first Business and trading took off from there itself.

Similarly, they need houses to lead a settled life and thus Engineering came into existence.

They once had a roasted share of Animal as a result of the forest fire and guess what they loved the taste.Infact they felt it so good that even today we COOK our food before feasting on them. This brought out Science.

Time and again people NEEDED more and hence they CREATED more!

The present scenario:

Over a span of say three centuries, the people are getting bored in doing repeatedly what their parents or their forefathers did. A lot of positive vibe and infinite number of ideas flew past talented and energised minds. As the minds developed, innovations were fostered and new technologies began to emerge.

The technologies were put forward into the market and luckily the people loved it. They accepted many such ideas and incorporated them in their lives to make the lives more interesting, meaningful and comfortable.

It paced up really well for the upcoming generations and they adopted these since their birth. Slowly, they began to find these as outdated and boring.
These next generation kids want to do something that they also LOVED TO DO!

Not that it fetched them a living, but they began to orient themselves towards discovering more and more. Infact a more important factor was that they actually TALKED TO THEMSELVES a lot!!

And in a way it started yet another age of Innovations, Technology, Online startups, Paperless Businesses and Over the Net Branding and trading.

To sum up in a nutshell,few factors that led to spontaneous growth of ideas and blend them along and THAT LED TO THE DAWN OF SELF EMPLOYMENT AND STARTUPs are as follows

  • New Ideologies and Beliefs
  • Emerging brightness of self confidence
  • Getting bored with what the people asked you to do
  • Visualization of growth and a more exciting work experience
  • Tremendous Ideas and innovative thoughts popping up from the minds
  • A more meaningful and happy life
  • Being Director to oneself