The Midnight Letterbox📬

Letter No.2

The words may not lie,but some expressions do. 

The moment people believe these camouflaged faces, they are betrayed, never to recover!!


The Midnight letterbox📬


Letter No.1

Unknown, yet so familiar… The People may be different, but the words often connect them…

Strangers, yet your mind, reads them, and finds a self reflection….

It may be coincidence, It may be fate,

But, Words are true, They never lie!!


World sleeps but the Mind Doesn’t!

In the deep dark nights, millions of thoughts find their way out to escape into the illuminated heaven of thoughts and expressions,

Some wierd, some obvious, all of them accumulate at the periphery of emotions,

Generating new images to engulf the vivid expressions unveiling beautiful pieces of literature,

Into the macrocosm of Eternity,

And the world sleep but the mind doesn’t!


Midnight Musings

The clock strikes midnight

Moonlight filters through the window pane

Still somewhere in the world 

Someone rejoices someone cries in pain

Half of the world is ought to be asleep

But you dont know what compelled them to take a stroll in their adjoining lane

Some talk, some chat, some are silent, some are violent

Love brews up somewhere, Hatred kills down somewwhere

In this world of so many people

The world stands at rest

But the minds are still running.


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Infront of Your radiating displays :Random Midnight Thoughts


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At the stroke of midnight, when you are awake analysing your life, calculating all posibilties, making determinations, showing your vivid imaginations and extramural talents to none,but yourself, pondering over the day you’ve already completed, planning to make a plan for the days awaiting the Sunrise, thinking hell lot about certain things, which you cannot do much about,but still, ideas and thoughts keep playing hide and seek on the zig zag castles of mind, both optimistic and pessimistic pictures cascading infront of your almost asleep eyeballs and oscillating eyelids, you smile, you weep , you make wierd faces, you infront of the washroom mirror, your very image talks with you, someways making you feel uplifted , somewhere making things tough, some roads are paved to success, some await struggles.

After twenty minutes of just self realisation, you make a smile to yourself, clean your face, brush your teeths and turn off your table lamp, and lie down on the bed saying just a word , “Thank You Lord! “