Sneak Peek: The Morning 

With the Enchanting rays filtering through the green leaves,

The Dawn wakes up and the night sleeps,

The birds start chatting amongst themselves,

Setting a new destination, With ignited minds and Kindled hopes,

Twitters and random rantings,

New Meanings and New aspirations,

New expectations and New Journeys,

Setting up to earmark the day with loads of  Wishes and fulfilling them with vibrant efforts,

Its yet another morning to leave behind despairs and to proceed with illuminated spirits and Motivation!!

Good Morning☺👍


A Morning says Much!




A morning when the blanket of Darkness folds,
And the Sun wakes up on the Pillow of the Mighty Mountains,
It witnesses The Valley of Love blooming with the buds of the Sweet memories, dancing in the breeze of Innocence,rejuvenated by the fragrance of Feelings
When each bud unfolds into a beautiful Flower,it clearly narrates its own Story,
When the clear Stream signifies that the Time runs and runs,even if u are Exhausted,
Carrying with itself the Sediments of Sweet and Sour Experiences of your Life.
Keep Loving Keep Living
Keep Smiling