The Midnight Letterbox📬

Letter No.2

The words may not lie,but some expressions do. 

The moment people believe these camouflaged faces, they are betrayed, never to recover!!



Is it your Story too?📖✒

He always made others smile, experience love and be motivated…

And the pain he had, never seemed to intrude in his words,

They saw his words smile, when his tears irrigated them to allow the flowers of bliss to blossom…


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The Midnight letterbox📬

Letter No.1

Unknown, yet so familiar… The People may be different, but the words often connect them…

Strangers, yet your mind, reads them, and finds a self reflection….

It may be coincidence, It may be fate,

But, Words are true, They never lie!!



​Amidst the cacophony of thousand vehicles,

Along the dusky streets, lit up in the daylight,

With the hot gust of gases from the engine exhausts,

The shrill voices of the hawkers and silly downtrodden yet sweet quarrels,

Thousands of people moving randomly to earn their living,

Different faces, different emotions , yet their vibe appears similar,

Thoughtful, Disillusioned,yet the undying spirits,

Broken, compressed yet so dynamic,

Yes,They are busy in their lives, they are busy for their lives,

Yes, they believe to do some work,

Yes, they run, they jump, they crawl,

Yes, they try, try and try and they are the one who emerge out of the crowd, to lead the busy world,

Yes, they are in you and you are in them.

The secret of the woods..

Emotions sway as the cool breeze twirls around the shivering branches,

The fog unveils the secret of the woods,

Fascinating creatures rise from their slumbers,

For the day calls for their actions, to satisfy their insatiable hunger,

Hunt and being hunted, plunder and being plundered;

And the survival of the fittest,

Woods are dark again and a day of organised chaos, teaching new lessons,substatiating new laws, upturning new facets of the Coin of Nature…..comes to a pause, only to resume the next day!


A New Page..

Turn a new page, the words will follow, emotions will accompany , the expressions will support, and your story will take a step ahead!


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7 must have contents on your WordPress Blog!!

Imagine the day when you launched your blog. You were popping with ideas, expressions, emotions and above all Truckloads of Imagination.

You supplied a suitable title, a catchy tagline and organised you ideas on to real time content on your blog. You went through lot of sites and successful blogs to figure out what strategies they follow.

Okay, now fast forward..

You’re here. Six months have passed. You’ve got decent number of followers, Convincing stats, but somewhere down at the bottom, you are pricked that where to bring the next content from! Should it be a poetry, a story or some quotes!

Now, this is where my post comes to your rescue. Even if you are a beginner, you can catch hold of the keypoints quickly!

So have a look:

  1. Quotes: These are compressed form of your ideas, that are well to do with the viewers. The world is too fast paced these days. They want quality content in minimum time. So, if you haven’t included a quote category on your blog, do it Now!
  2. Story: Writing a story is much more difficult than telling it.So, if you have any fiction or real tales popping up ib your mind, make sure you write them in way that literally tells the story to the audience. They may not feel like reading it. They should feel like the story is kind of conversation between the characters and the audience.
  3. Vlog: Video posts launched on several video hosting sites, more specifically YouTube, has gained immense popularity within a short span. It helps you to communicate better!
  4. Real Life experiences: The audience connects with you better, if you share at least one of your experiences,daily. They feel as if they’re a part of you. It builds relationships.
  5. Travelogue: This doesn’t really mean, you have to pack your bags and leave for an excursion. No! All you need is to make the people visit the places,you have visited, through your words. You may not really need to upload real pictures, you can also embed them.
  6. Picture Gallery: It is probably the best way to showcase your WordPress journey till now. It makes your audience more connected to your blog, emotionally as well as psychologically.
  7. Interview or A Talk with fellow bloggers:  Everyone wants to be famous and respected. If you give a small token of respect by inviting your fellow bloggers to tell their story on your blog, it can create lot of buzz on your blog.

So guys, please share your take on this!!

Hope you liked and would implement the same, as soon as possible.



She turned more cruel,

His love for her grew deeper;

That she seemed more far fetched,
they grew closer and closer…

It may not be called love,
But something… definitely existed!


The Stroll along the Beach….

Taking a stroll on the beach with your hands in mine,

The cool breeze massages each layer of your soft skin,

The frothing waves running over several miles accomplish their destination as they touch the sea shore,

Soothed, relaxed and complete in all resepects,

The chirping birds and their melodious lullabies,enchant the music of love all around,

We find the eternity in ourselves,the souls dipped in each other,

 passion splashes and ignites a new spark, 

lips find their destinations,

 dew of love sprinkles on the eyelids, we dissolve in each forever……


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