Twinkle Twinkle ‘Pole Star’..( A Short Story)

Few days ago ,while sailing through the channel list of the television, I suddenly paused on one of the channels. On this channel, a series was dedicated to Mythology, and the episode showcased one of the touching stories of ‘Dhruv Taara( The Pole Star)’.

In the Hindu mythology , Lord Vishnu is said to have blessed a child whose name is Dhruv, who went on to become the ultimate ‘Pole Star’ as we know today.


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The story goes somewhat like this.

Dhruv was the elder son of one of the kings, who also had a second wife and the younger of his kids was from the second wife.
The Maharaja(King) showed some more affection towards the younger son, while his second wife always wished that her son should become the successor of his father, instead of the elder son Dhruv.( In ancient days, the eldest of the sons used to inherit the kingdom from his father.)

Dhruv, pining for his father’s love, used to steal glimpses of his father, who was busy bestowing his love and playing with the younger son.The king used to make him sit on his lap, tell stories and fairy tales.

In a nutshell, Dhruv experienced the love of his father,being bestowed on his younger brother, from a distance, until, one rare night when the Maharaja was playing 
with both of his sons, his second wife interreupted. She  frowned and jolted back upon Dhruv to leave immediately. Elder, but still a kid, Dhruv went on to his Mother ,sobbing, with his eyes saturated with tears and posted his queries, ” Why I am not allowed to play with my father? Does he  love us any more? I want to play along with him, I want to enjoy the warmth of Father-Son relationship from which I have been deprived of ,for so long; I want to sit on my Father’ s lap and listen to the stories…..”.
His mother replied,  ” Love and hatred are two facets of the life.whenever you feel like, that someone else is occupying your position you’ve to toil hard and with your sincere efforts and hard work, you have to attain the higher position. You are the elder son, you will have to prove yourself and make everyone realise your worth.”

That day, Dhruv sat down in meditation,prayed and prayed and till his sincere efforts bore him the fruit. Lord Vishu was extremely fascinated and impresses by Dhruv’s dedication and spirits. He asked him to make a wish. Dhruv asked ” My mother said, we have to toil hard to achieve a higher position. Can you please grant me a higher position so that my father may show little affection towards us? “

Lord Vishnu came to know all about Dhruv.

He made Dhruv sit on his lap and carried him to the acme, the highest position, a permanent position where every one can see him, where everyone can respect and love him, and from where he could prove his worth!

He was also blessed that he would be the one to guide all the people towards the correct path of life over the years to come.

Even today , and many more years to come, The pole star will be the divine symbol of permanence, illuminating our paths towards success and achievements.

Science and mythology are in fact, two facets of the same coin.

In science you believe, what you see;
In mythology you see , what you believe.

If its night out there, then do make a note of the pole star, maybe you can find out some more secrets lying in the divine brightness.


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Saavan and Lord Shiv Pooja

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Saavan(or Shravan) month of the Hindu Calender is said to be the most auspicious month(mid July to mid August) in the Hindu mythology. It is often marked with the advent of Monsoons over the Indian peninsular region which is revered as God’s blessings in the form of rains as it is these rains which help the farmers in providing emmense Water for irrigation.

Lord Shiv is said to have drunk the ‘Halahal(Poison)’ as it appeared during ‘Samudra Manthan’and thus protected the humanity and He became famous among the devotees as ‘Lord Neelkanth’ as his throat became blue because of the ‘Halahal’. You can now imagine how the God loves their creations. We too should try to maintain and strengthen this healthy relationship with spirituality. The mind is  should be pure and belief should be firm.

Saavan is also believed as the month during which the devotees offer their prayers along with ‘GangaJal( Water from the Holy Ganges)’ on the ‘Shivling’.( Shivling often has varied meanings prevlent among the masses but the most accepted belief is that Lord Shiv is worshipped in the ‘shivling’ form and hence it stands His  worship symbol for the devotees) .

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It is a common belief among majority of the Hindu masses to observe austerity and fasting during this period. They travel to various Rivers

( Especially the Holy Ganges, Godavari, Shipra,Narmada), collect ‘Water’ in small pots which in turn are attached to the ‘Kaanvar’, a beautifully decorated arrangement as shown below. 

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These ‘Kaanvars’ are carried by the devotees on their shoulders to temples in their regions usually on footIt is believed that the ‘Kaanvars’ are not to be brought in contact with the ground until they are offered to the ‘Shivling’. The journey is none less than a festival. Many stalls are lined up for supporting and encouraging the devotees during the journey by providing them with food, and water and other requisites to make their journey a comfortable and memorable one. Free ‘Sharbat’ (An Indian drink prepared with water sugar and other flavouring syrups) stalls are very frequently installed along the route to keep the devotees energised during the entire journey. Stands are provided to keep the kanwars momentarily.

Their journey is often taken up saying ‘Har Har Mahadev’ or ‘Bol Bum’ (Hail the Lord Shiv). When they offer their collected water of the pots on the ‘Shivling’ and offer their prayers to Gods and Goddesses their journey is marked to be successful.God bestows them with blessings and it is believed that all your wishes come true(obviously it has be supported by equal amount of efforts by the people, as God helps those who at least ‘try’ to help themselves).

You can read in further details(if you’re curious to know more) from the following link

More on Saavan(

Lord Shiv is believed to be:

 ‘Bhole Baba'(The Lord who gets happy just with little amount of devotion, purity of Mind and soul and true belief)

A tri leaf combo( Belpatra) and ‘Dhatoora flower’ are the simplest offerings a devotee can offer.

Generally, fasts are observed on every Monday of Saavan Month. It is also believed that Girls keep fast to ensure that they get their desired soulmates. 

In a nutshell, Savan stands as bringing the devotees closer to their Almighty and connecting the mortal and the spiritual world together by means of Beliefs, traditions and simple rituals that have been prevlent in India since time immemorial and shall continue forever.

Om Namah Shivay

ऊँ नम: शिवाय