The slice of pizza🍕

A little chubby boy walked out of Domino’s  with a box of Pizza. Suddenly, some big hunk mistakenly pushed the little boy and the box slipped off from his hands on to the bed sheet spread on the roadside. Some small but needy children were seated on it. 

The chubby boy, began to look for it. A rugged boy , got up from bedsheet, came near to the boy and gave him his box. The boy was really illuminated that he found his box back. He said thanks and moved around to walk away. Suddenly, he stopped with a jolt. 

He came near the rugged boy and told him to have a slice from his pizza. The boy said nothing and took a slice and thanked him for the same. The chubby boy went away happily.

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The rugged boy did not have the slice alone, he infact shared the slice with three other boys. And the face of each of the four boys was like they were having a treat. They danced and enjoyed like anything. Their faces lined up as if the chubby boy was no less than a superhero!!

Hardly, did the chubby boy know that a slice of pizza can be the reason for so many smiles!😊😊


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