#Science&You 4

In the previous post Science&You 3 , my friend & an awesome blogger Anjali(Check out her beautiful blog here)  queried if Newton’s second and third laws are also applicable in our lives.

The answer is Yes!

Life can be treated as force and Our mind can be treated as the mass and knowledge as the acceleration.

As mass remains constant, mind too remains constant. Only thing that can be changed is Knowledge. As the knowledge gets added up the driving force also increases.

Knowledge in turn depends upon:

  • Eagerness to learn more and more
  • Constantly increasing efforts and Hard work
  • Motivation
  • Application of the things learned

Similarly, Newton’s 3rd law also stands true,

As each action has equal an opposite reaction, in life too all our actions have either positive or negative reactions or consequences.

Once your actions are directed in the right directions they will definitely fetch you a Normal reaction force which will shoot you up to reach the acme of success.

Because there’s little bit of science in all our lives!! All we need to do is to experience the same.