The 3 Categories of people : BuddyScraps

A famous bollywood flick showcases a monologue of Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan saying ,
” Yeh world hai naa world, isme do tarah ke log hote hain ” ( The world essentially consists of two categories of people.)

Taking his words a little ahead, I personally believe there are ACTUALLY, 3 categories of people in our world.

The first category consists of the people who actually believe in carrying out the things in a simple manner and not just planning them or showing off whatever big things they might have achieved or whatever successes might have resulted from their efforts. They seem to be confident about the things they do, the requisite amount of work that needs to be put into accomplishing a particular task or achieving a goal are essentially pre-planned and effectively implemented by them.

The second category of people are those who put in rigorous amount of efforts in magnifying their deeds, good or bad, whatever it may be actually; to an extent much ahead of their true sense of contributing to accomplishing a task or getting things done in a better manner. They tend to project themselves in a fashion as to “sell” themselves better. They are not at all concerned with the real work, instead they’re busy in showing off the stuffs, which may be clearly understood by the famous proverb, ” All that glitters is not Gold “

The third category of people are the most interesting ones. They are so well off their personality insights, that they intelligently combine both these categories, extracting the requisite qualities and strategies, as and when desired. They plan , they do the things as well as showcase themselves in an even polished manner than the category two people. One good thing about them is, they work really hard as they completely mesmerise other peopld by their plans, thoughts , action ,presentation skills and confidence. They are  unparallel in a true sense.

Time to ponder over the type of category, you belong to

If you do find more of these, then do mention in the comment box!


I-pad in the temple!

Its not everyday, that you visit a temple to offer your prayers and find different and unique ways of praying to God. The faith itself is a big word, being the founding stone of hope, it can empower you with varying strengths at each step of your life.

Everyone, may look over the following excerpt differently and I respect everyone’s sense of judging the things, for I have nothing to say to belief but I just have to communicate the Uniqueness and Stern hope in the man’s form of worship.

As I entered the temple,the environment was preoccupied with the divine enchanting verses from the ‘Hanuman Chalisa’. I felt good about the ambience, but I had no clues where were the chants coming from. NO not from the speakers of the temple premises.A seemingly aged man probably in his 50s was sitting on a chair with an I-pad, his hands partially dedicated in prayer, and the chanting verses flowing out of the speakers of the I-Pad. He sat there for near about 15 minutes and when the verses were complete, he stood up carefully with the help of his Alumunium walking stick with rubber handle. He lurched forward to bow his head infront of the statue of Lord Hanuman , and slowly tiptoed to the priest ensuring the acceptance of the ‘Prasaad’. He gradually walked down the steps, boarded his car and went away.

I kept on pondering about this man and probably , the most unique form of worship which I could notice, since my birth.
I kept silent and a smile appeared on my face for no  reason known!