Why do ‘Chetan Bhagat’s books’ and ‘Concepts of Physics by H.C. Verma’ appear similar?

Haters may hate, but somewhere down at the bottom of their hearts they cannot deny the fact that Chetan Bhagat is more than a Writer to them!!

Yeah! Chetan Bhagat is all set to rock your minds with yet another package of Emotions, drama, comedy and a perfect blend of Nearly everything what your mind can Imagine and what it cannot!

Titled aptly as ‘One Indian Girl’ is described by the author as the Roller coaster ride of an Indian Girl named Radhika Mehta, her life revolving around the expectations and speculations of the mordern yet judgemental society wherein there still exist differences between the two sexes. It’s more heightened by the challenges that an Indian women has to face, whosoever she may be, educated or otherwise, Working or a homemaker, a school going teenager or a budding Entrepreneur, rich, poor or middle class. 

But!you’ve to wait until October 1st, the day when the book is on leading online portals as well as on the Book Stalls.

Now coming to the point :

Why ‘Chetan Bhagat’s books’ and ‘ Concepts of Physics by H.C. Verma ‘ appear similar to me?

PS: These are strictly personal views! If you’re about to take it otherwise, swipe it away right now!!

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(By the way  have you ever called it ‘Concepts of Physics’?we did not! We simply called it to be H.C.V or at max. H.C. Verma)

Regardless to say much,I will straight away head to the crisp points( as I have to discuss two very important people in my,Wait.. Or shall I say in the life of every Engineer!)

  • Howsoever smart you may be,you must have started off your Physics syllabus with H.C.Verma. Similarly, whosoever Great the writer may be, He/she at some point of time had been or still gets influenced by the thoughts of Chetan Bhagat.
  • Both H.C.Verma and Chetan Bhagat are best Selling authors in India.
  • Believe it or not, but you may have not been able to solve Erodov, without learning the fundamental concepts from H.C.V. Similarly, you may not have been able to think of writing a page or two of fiction without reading Chetan Bhagat.
  • The initial pages of H.C.V and Chetan Bhagat’s books both say that there are many interesting things we will get to know as we would proceed with the book. And as we turn the pages,we seem to find it more and more interesting and we begin to actually seat ourselves better!
  • The Objective Brain teasers at the end of each chapter in H.C.V bear a close resemblence with ‘One line Punches’ in Chetan’s books. It takes time to actually get through them.
  • The intricacies in both H.C.V as well as in Chetan’s books are revealed gradually and in a captivating manner.
  • H.C.V is probably more than a Physics Book, its infact the feelings that will allow much of you to think like an Engineer. Chetan Bhagat’s books are much more than novels, they infact are experiences of a lifetime!
  • Last but certainly not the least :when you’re done with H.C.V you find out that there’s one more to go(The second part of Concepts of Physics). Similarly, when you’re done with Chetan Bhagat’s book you actually wait eagerly for the other one!!

In a nutshell, if I would say, An Engineer’s life is incomplete without H.C.Verma’s Concepts of Physics and a budding writer’s life is incomplete without Chetan Bhagat’s books.

Signing off!

All the very best Sir for your upcoming book!! All your fans are eagerly waiting for the same.