#ProjectGreen 3 

Car pooling! If you’ve heard of it, its great! If you haven’t, its more than okay.

To start with, car pooling can be understood well if you’ve seen a bunch of kids hovering on a MeriGoRound.

Yes! Its that simple. But, you just can’t imagine its effectiveness in major metropolitan cities around the globe.

To know more just click below: An article from the conservationmagazine.org of University of Washington

How Has Car pool been beneficial over the years!

Now, that you’ve gone through what the experts want to say, I too have jotted down the following points(Don’t worry I’ll be quick).

  • It will help to reduce the vehicular emissions substantially.
  • It will help you find new friends having common workplace.
  • It will prove to diminish the hue and cry on ever depleting non renewable energy resources.
  • It will help you out with lesser probabilities of being stuck in traffic jams.
  • It will effectively reduce the air pollutants in the surroundings which in turn would help you get rid of skin problems and other respiratory diseases.
  • Last but not the least, It will definitely allow the Mother Nature to breathe without suffocation and Someday she will definitely be proud of her creations!

So give it a thought. Try it today itself and you will get to experience all of the aforesaid! Research, Re innovate and Rock the world!!!