‘Rainy Day’

Its mid of july and seems like Monsoons have travelled enough of South Asia and have reached the skies of North India. Dark clouds are hovering over the sky, probably they have much to communicate to the people out on Earth ,eagerly waiting for the raindrops to bless them with a sigh of relief from the scortching heat accumulated over the subcontinent for the past four and a half months.

As kids we used to have our classes during the Monsoons as the school reopened after the summer vacations.It took weigh too much of efforts to plan and get ready for school after such long period of fun,frolic and Relaxation(though the summer perspired a lot from us!) . Generally, we had no clues of holiday, except for the ‘Rainy days’. Much after the rains created havoc leading to continuous downpour and flooding, we somehow managed to cling our backpacks and the body together and the whole of it was packed under a raincoat, with leather gum boots and only the eyes visible we used to swim out through knee depth water ponds and squatting through the muddy soil. It used to create a ‘Chapp Chapp ‘ sound as our feets proceeded towards the school. 

Inspite of all odds, we managed to reach school and the School peon used to wave hands saying “School Band hai”(The classes are off for today) . And the expression on our faces could not be imagined. It was a rare combo of Weariness, Joy, and sorrow. ” Aaj to Rainy day ho gaya” (Mann! Its a Rainy day.The school remains closed)

Weariness: we made huge leaps and bounds to get to the school, resulting in a ‘weary us’ ! We were drenched with sweat and water from head to toe except for our books which had been pre-secured in waterproofs.

Joy: for we got a few holidays, given our nostalgia and inertia of vacations.

Sorrow: for the next few days, we could not meet our friends, as during rainy days the parents dont allow you to play except for sports hours of school, which was in fact was curtailed for the next few days!

The rains generally carry a lot of thoughts when they descend from the Heavens! 

I dont know whether you have experienced it or not, but you generally start thinking and musing more often during the rains. Thoughts ranging from romanticism to loneliness, 

from happiness of having someone to the sorrow of missing someone, 

from the big fat hobbies of the riches to the needs and existence of the poor;

from East to the West to North to the South your mind grabs all sorts of emotions and ideas, furnishes them with the imagination and makes you visualise most of what you’ve not been able to do for so long.

Rains are a boon to the farmers as they welcome rains with lot of regional festivals and pray to the Almighty to bestow their choicest blessings by showering upon them the best produce the present season. It is a vivid and spectacular scene to watch the little crops dance with joy as the rains shower upon them. The village kids too enjoy a lot in the rains and its worth watching them jump and howl and show all sorts of childishness which generally remain vieled. Flowers blossom with clear green leaves and water droplets clinging to the leaf margins.

The rains have always been romanticised by the poets and the writers and it will continue to do so the same for the years to come.