The Book of Life📖2

There are people, who care for us , we just need to have a broader look….

So, why do you keep waiting, rush to the one who really cares for you and hug him/her tight and let there be no reason for it!!


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That moment…

Her soft hands held mine,

for a moment, the world paused, the heart beat was audible, eyeballs could not move,

I held her soft cheeks, rolling her hair strands in a curl,

within a fraction of seconds the lips found their destination,💏

the world was at standstill,

the moment was divine….


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Sceptical Promise or an Honest try!!💖

​Today on this promise day, don’t cascade sceptical promises, rather just tell your beloved that you will try your level best to stand by him/her…..forever!!

 Promises may break apart, but an ‘honest try’ generally succeeds!!💖😊😊 


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Beyond Physical Sensations…

They got bare, 

just to dissolve in their respective souls,


make love, 

much more beyond physical sensations!


The Girl & the Book❤📖

It was written on the page of my heart,decorated and artistically presented,

But She glanced through the cover of the book, 

and Kept it aside, 

The days passed, dirt accumulated on the book, 

it lay there without complaining, without demanding,

and then one fine morning as the rays from the Sun illuminated her book shelf, 

she found the same book, quiet and benevolent,She took a cloth, wiped off the dust and turned the pages once again….The moment was a bliss,The Book was elated and the pages rejuvenated,

The words made her believe, The words transformed her….She fell in love with the Book and the story continued till the time immemorial……


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Beyond Named Relationships❤

​Distances can’t limit my feelings for you,

named relationship can’t portray our love,

I don’t care if the people call me insane,

Perhaps they cannot comprehend what my soul feels for you,

Perhaps they just read the words and cannot read my eyes,

And our souls will keep smiling, just because we are still not aware that they connected forever when your eyes met mine!!


She always lived for others,

She carved a smile on everyone,

She cared like a Mother and Loved like a Father,

She sacrificed so much, cut a part of her needs, neglected her essentials to fulfill the greed-because she hardly knew it was such,

She accepted the pains, troubles, struggles whole heartedly,

She convinced herself everytime they inflicted it upon her,

She always thought they were her own,

But they always proved that they were ‘Others’!

But she will rise once again, she will gain the strength they drained out, she will convince herself once more, she will , she will….and guess what she just started off!!


When the eyes exchanged glances!❤

When the eyes exchanged glancesTwo souls united forever!

The people tried to break them down,

Crushed their dreams and aspirations,

Tore apart their beliefs,

Killed their confidence, 

Tortured their patience,

Humiliated their innocence,

Intoxicated their relationship,

Inflicted their minds,

But the souls were adamant,

Their confidence could be shaken,

Their beliefs were healed,

Their innocence was restored,

Their beliefs were reborn,

Afterall Their Souls were united forever,

The Day their eyes met,

The day they said everything, through the eyes!!


Insane😇.. Yeahh!!

Under the canopy of thousand stars 

she asked him,” Are you mad about me!”,

He simply replied, “If ‘wanting to see someone happy’ is being ‘mad about’, then Yes! I am”

The Macrocosm Blushed..