Why not!

​”My eyes were flooded with tears today while watching a reality dance show.It was portraying the relationship of father and son .

Often due to our busy schedule we are not able to give adequate time to relationships.

But once we look behind to our grassroots we release their value.Memories of our past.We may earn Happiness today but past which included our childhood decorated by the boundless love of our parents had in it BLISS which no money can buy.”

Sometimes the reality shows may force you to give a thought to your world and the people around. They may be scripted, but the emotions of the contestants are not at all the fake ones! They give their heart and soul to the competition.

Such moments drive every bit out of you and compel you to ponder over your feelings and somewhere at the bottom of your busily pumping hearts you have engraved your parents. You may not bring it out in open but at the end of the day when you go to sleep,  the fairy tales that your Mom used to tell you to sleep, may cascade in front of your closed eyelids. She used to stir the handfan continuously so that you could sleep in peace.  

Not every person is bad ,probably when we grow up we become too “OCCUPIED” to feel that someone ‘NEEDS’ us even today! 

  • Why not make them smile some more!
  • Why not make them feel strengthened by our small pockets of talk!
  • Why not make them believe that we’re always there for you.
  • Why not we be their innocent,3 year old child once again!



Love is in the air!!

His heart started pumping more when she smiled,

His face turned into a paper of emotions as she moved

His hairs started shivering as she caught her having a glimpse of her.

Her eyes met his, and the world around them paused for a while 

It was so unusual, it was so different, it was a feeling, he always wanted to have but probably this was the moment he waited for.

Her curls started oscillating in slow motion, her perfect lips moved up and down making amazing talks,

The words that came out touching her lips seemed to have extracted the flavour of her baby pink lipstick

Her eyes were so beautifully carved that his mind fell short of the apt adjective,

Constantly talking and never stopping were her lips,

And the boy garnered enough confidence but his heart was still pumping, like it was going to be his new life!!

His heart pumped more and more when she smiled.


TheGame : We are ‘JUST’ good friends?

I am pretty sure  many of you can relate to the title. If not, then you must have heard it from your buddies. It’s an everyday issue for most of the teenagers.

Adults are no exception to experience this. Many times it’s not just an issue, it’s considered question mark on their existence. 

“Really? Oh C’mon! It’s a cakewalk for me. I do it & forget it everyday. ” many of you may think like this. It varies from person to person.

So let’s make it a fun game. Comment below your experiences and share this post with your buddies to know what they think about it! Try it!


#InstaTale 1

One day when we were sitting in the park and ranting all stuffs, from head to toe, from North pole to South Pole everything, literally.

One of us said, ” Guys! You know my parents are so after me. They literally advice me for every other thing. They behave as if I am still a kid. They ask every detail like what have I eaten, when will I go for classes, Have I washed my clothes in a while, Have I kept my room tidy, and blah…blah..blah..I dont understand why exactly are they up my sleeves,like I am a nobody, like I have no individuality, like I am stranded in my own world, Whyyyyy? “

There was an awkward silence in the atmosphere for a few seconds, following which an old man walked past us saying ” You will get to know your ‘why’ when you will become Parents, one day and probably then Your kids may ask you the same question. Reply the same! “, He smiled and moved forward!

All I could do was just musing how can some people be so apt!


Scribble it On your Heart!

On a warm and scortching summer afternoon, as I entered into the Air Conditioned Classroom, I felt somewhat like Souls may feel once they step into Heaven. However, to my surprise, I realised, a few minutes later, that the classroom was so Jam Packed that the heat radiating out of the bodies itself challenged the air conditioner!

I was so exhausted by the heat outdoors, that my eyeballs were continuously in the search of a vacant corner across the length and width of the room, while my fingers managed to keep the sweat drenched hair, in a bit ‘okay’ form.The seated students gazed at me,no doubt, they were all cooled to freeze,while most of my visible unclothed portion perspired like anything. From face to the arms, from neck to the toe, hell lot of sweat drained over my body. A few drops of sweat owing to lesser surface tension of my moist skin and my acrobatic actions, were compelled to centrifuge out of my skin.

Luckily, I found a seat in the corner, beside the speakers in the seventh row from the Professor. The Professor, however, was too calm and kind, to trouble with his loud voice over the speakers.His voice was almost comparable to melody,after all he got to understand directly or indirectly,my drenched soul. I sank into the seat and took out my handkerchief to wipe out the perpiration off my face and neck.  Perspiration often create a bigger problem when two darling girls are sitting just infront of your seat! However, I was like, to hell with it!
Have you ever seen any girls sweating so profusely as the boys. Personally speaking,I have not!
But to say it, is should be a  matter of pride for all girls that No girl ever peanalizes you with body odour like boys do. But that’s sometimes due to situations and circumstances and a bit must be owed to the careless attitude of us. On the other hand,Girls always leave you spellbound and aromatised in their typical fragrances. For a moment or two, you just close your eyes try to catch hold of the fragrance a little longer than usual.

Okay, Now that its a long time, I have been talking about sweat and odour, let me take you into a bit romantic and sweet mood.
As I kept my hand over the attached Notebook plank, I saw some words scribbled over the perfectly painted plank.


picture credits(via google images) mycutegraphics.com

“When You needed me, I was there for you. What If I were You? Would you be still there for me?”

Mann, these words actually captivate you to an extent as to make you enjoy a fantasy ride to your past where you yourself would have done something crazy like this.

Morally speaking, its not good to scribble like these, but when your teenage craziness drives you crazy, you almost let yourself off these ‘SET RULES’. Your partner, may or may not be with you physically, but obviously somewhere down your nerves her soul is constantly flowing, making you realize her at the stroke of each heartbeat.

Many a times, these scribblings signify that the cruel people have probably scratched so much out of you, that you’re in no mood to let go your anguish. Some people do it deliberately that it will be a symbol of their love, and to a few extent, that substantiates their love, until it is painted out by the administration.

Now, considering all the aforesaid, here’s a little thought:

Why cant we scribble it on our hearts, with the pen of emotions, with the tip of Love, with the ink of trust, with the fineness of respect? If we CAN love,can’t we do it with some heart, Can’t it be somewhat less extramural and more off into our souls?

Do Ponder Over!



Random Love!

At Times we do care,

At Times we feel ourselves,

At times we feel others,better than ourselves.

Sometimes we try to owe it to “Others” ,not own them.

Sometimes we just say this :


“What is this, I am feeling ,
Y do u look so appealing
Its something childish, 
Its outta control ,  at least for me
maybe something u can’t see
I know its weird , more than it seems
We ; together, but only in my  dreams !!
How can we, be the couple ?
Our friendship will be in trouble !!
But Y can’t we try ; what if it doesn’t work
I will loose you , nd be another jerk !!
Dating someone else , is not an option
Its only u with whom that gonna happen !!
Loosing u as a frnd will tear me apart
Not being with u will break my heart !!
Confused I am , and I cnt explain !!
But Wen I see u, loose my brain !!
Can’t we be together forever we say
Remain friends, if it doesn’t work the other way !!
Let’s give it a try , I can’t force u !!
Atleast tell me what I shud  do ?
Wait for u or keep the one sided love ?
Or just be calm with the all time gf stuff !!
It kills me , hurts me , but I understand
What u need is different from what I am !!
We have a bonding !! Nd we care
We have trust !! Let’s make a pair !!
So much confusion !! Makes me crazy !!
I need u wid me !! but won’t loose u baby !!

Credits: Alok Yadav & His Pen Friend

Because There should be no ‘But’ between Us!

To talk about and understand Relationships,is obviously not a cakewalk! You ‘Love’ someone.Your partner loves you.


But things may not go so simple. Complexities generally arise when you Fake it on your partner.
Complexities arise when a third fellow breaks in.You blindly deem this person as your true ally and end it messing up every thing amongst Yourselves.
Complexities arise when you are committed to someone,but dont really care,to give a talk or to make a compromise.
Complexities arise when you are stuffed with abundance of self esteem,or may be it will be worthy to call it self obsession.
Complexities arise when you dont let things to work between,you simply go crazy,and dump yourself!

C’mon friends if you really care,what relationship should really mean,its no one other than yourself or may be Your Parents,who could answer it. Give it some thought. Think rationally on each other’s behalf. Never hesitate to Compromise if necessary,afterall your partner needs you at this point the most.
Self esteem is Ok or acceptable,but dont let it become your Self obsession. Be ready to forgive,for you shall be needing the same someday. This will make things work out automatically.
Keep Smiling Hamesha.


Does it mean I don’t deserve you?


I don’t have a BMW or MERCEDES,but a simple car,Does it mean, I don’t deserve you?


I don’t have a large Bungalow,but my small Home, Does it mean I don’t deserve you?


I don’t take you out for Dinner,shopping in a mall Everyday,but I prefer to walk along the Market lanes holding your hand,Does it mean I don’t deserve you?


I don’t know how to flirt,how to go cheesy upon you,to make you go crazy for me, but to make you feel the warmth of my Love by giving you a tight hug whenever we meet,Does it mean I don’t deserve you?


I don’t burden you by Expensive Gifts every time we meet,but a flower,or a chocolate for you,only because I happen to see you smiling face every time you accept the flower,or when your lips get flooded with the chocolate and I wipe it off with my palm, Does it mean I don’t deserve you?


I happen to go possessive at my heart everytime You talk to a guy, but at the same time I realize that you’re not bound to talk to me only,

Does it mean I don’t deserve you?


I have nothing to say but that.  ” I owe you my Life”


I have nothing but a normal heart which Beats faster every time you hug me.


I dont keep gaggling all the time,”Baby I luv you; I missed u choo mch my baby”,

Rather I would silently whisper in you ears ” I Love You “!!

Would that probably mean that I deserve you?


Keep Smiling,Good Morning

Sneak Peek !

P6210097 nat-lab_02

I did not know what or why it was, but I really loved to sneak peek through the glass bottles of the Chemical Reagents, to get her smiling glance. I loved it when, she laughed even at my ‘not so funny’ jokes. I loved it, when her curly hairs slung along her perfectly Shaped ears,and she made all possible cute attempts to twirl it around her fingers,as if thinking something really important.
I loved her specs, the way they magnified her beautiful eyes,adding a small amount glossy appearance, which can only be described by saying that She was definitely, “SUREELI ANKHIYON WAALE “.
I loved the way her pretty fingers transferred the reagents, carefully, accurately, her deep involvement into the work assigned. She was so innocent, So Calm, So Sweet. Her voice and laughs gave me goosebumps and the heart started jumping when she addressed me, “Please Give me the Bottle of Sulphuric Acid “.
I could say nothing. I was speechless. But these were probably the first Conversations between us. “She looked Gorgeous”,this was all my mind could say!!
“Is this Love?”, was all my soul could inquire about!!

Relationships are only For You!


All you Guys and Girls in an Opaque or a transparent relationship, Attention please!! You already Know these Things that can make your relationship worthwhile. Then why not try them!

1.Trust Each other and Dont misconcept your thoughts

Well this doesnt mean, trust blindly; but that Trust sensibly and talk and clarify the doubts,if any, without compromising patience.

2. Talk and Share more & more

Well,this cleans up the mutual mirrors,getting a more clear image of both the partners. Generally,men ignore this,but you should’nt.

3. Understanding each other and Making small compromises.

An instance may call upon to compromise with something or the other,be ready for it, but keeping in mind not just yourself,but both if your souls.

4. Don’t just wander astray, keep goals & try to achieve them considering each other a mutual support.

Getting into a relationship is not just the ultimate destination. You must plan for your relationship, and work for it together.

5. Decisions

You have to take decisions keeping in mind each other,& dont be selfish about Career, money and Fame, which are essential but only upto need,not for greed or overambition. Sit and Talk, discuss both the pros and cons,& then take decisions. May be this can help you uplift yourselves in the long run.