‘others’ and their questions!

There are two kinds of people in my life,

‘Me'(Basically me and my immediate family) and ‘others’,

While Others wanted  to know about me;  I wanted to know, why do they want to know about me;

While others wanted to know my rank in the class, I again wanted to know, why they are so keen to know my rank;

While others always imposed their decisions on me, I wanted to know if there’s any difference between their suggestion and the decision that they imposed,

While others wanted to know every year which standard I was promoted to, I wanted to know whether they were so particular with their promotions too;

While others wanted to know, which carreer was I going to pursue, I wondered that they seem to be so well versed in counselling!

While others wanted to know which Job I got, I winked, they are not going to get a single penny out of it, yet why are they so much interested;

While other wanted to know which girl I was going to marry, I just wanted to know  ‘Oh! They are Experts in marriage counselling too?’

While I wanted to know when will they stop butting their nose in my life, They simply seem to know much more than me,even about my next life!!😀😀😀