Share it. Really??

Talking and sharing experiences is something that has been lost over the time into the dreary deserts of Loneliness, Self Confinement and Exclusive Technology of the kind of ‘Personal’ technologies.

People find it better to share their experiences on blogs and social networks rather than discussing it among themselves. Technology driven friendship has grown to such an extend that today Facebook reminds us ‘Okay! It’s your friend’s birthday today! Plan something great!’. Yet, do we really plan? No we don’t.

Rather, we google search for a beautiful ‘Happy Birthday Greetings’ poster and copy and paste the same on to the walls of our friends. And mind it, you do this to the friend who is CURRENTLY associated with you. What about other friends, with whom the only thread of friendship is on Facebook! Ohh! We don’t even give a damn about them. Who cares to visit the wall even!!

Why has this happened?

Because we have stopped talking and started surfing more often. And It doesn’t mean I am an exception to this. Not at all! I even do the same. Probably the people mould you in a way you don’t want to, but ultimately they win in doing so. 

Can we loose like this to ourselves?

No we should not!

We must at least try to improve upon and keep a balance between the real and the Virtual world.

For there are so many friends when you are online,

But once you switch off the data, No friend exists beside you!!

Okay if you haven’t just scrolled it all along, let me know your views on this!

More Importantly spread the word not just in the virtual world but also in the real world. Talk to people, tell them why everyone today is so stressed out that he/she talks or scribbles his/her thoughts only with Phone or a diary. Why not discuss it with your Parents, siblings and Friends who are actually there in your lives. You may not need to find them in clouds storages!!