What will happen?

And the next moment when you waste your precious time worrying about what to do, and what will happen and all such shit;


 lack any instances of inclusion of actions for the same; all of  you would be like depressed, kicked up, and nearly screwed up to give a major blow on your confidence. 

Even reading this post will not rescue you, until you set other things aside and work like never before, and stop thinking shit!

So, don’t just read this, Go and Work actually. 

And yes assume that I am some sacred saint preaching you all this. I say it because I am gonna do the same once I finish composing this post! You can do it! I can do it! We can do so much, together…Yeaahhh!!!☺👍💪



If you see it in your mind, you can see it infront of your eyes one day! 

Work! And Work! But yes, support your body as well as it will support you even when you have seen it infront of your eyes!😊🙏



Motivational Punch👊

People will judge you like anything,even if you are worthy of it or not,

It upto you, how quickly you can smash down their ‘Demoralising’ judgements, 

one being pretty quick(through words) and other one may take time but is one stop solution to all their judgements(through actions).

Whatever it may be, you have to Prove their judgements wrong!



Progress is often measured with respect to the just previous performance,

But, to have the accurate measure of the same, the reference level should be the starting point!

Just like you can’t say how far you are successful with respect to the immediate performance; 

But you have to measure it with respect to the day you arrived at the Earth!!


MotivationalPunch 👊

The day you become successful everyone would start interviewing about your Success secrets,

Till then ,

keep calm and Work Hard!! There are no other secrets or shorcut to success.👊 Take a punch and begin, like Now!!


Motivational Punch👊

Don’t wait for the day, when Forbes defines your valuation;

Plan for a day when you will surpass the records published by it and you are happy(literally)!!

source:Google images



Big people (whom the world accepts to be so)often tell you big things to follow, 

But once they become bigger in their own eyes, the same people would tell you that you need to give equal respect to the smaller things(which the world believes to be so, but they aren’t!!),as well.


En route the Journey of a Reality show contestant…

With budding spirits and Energised minds,

Hope in their eyes and determination in their hearts,

Do They come up for the auditions with positive vibes,

Talent co-ordinates with their soul,

And uplifts them to the live shows,

The new world of glam and fame,

Boosts their confidence and shoots up their morale,

They’re polished, jewelled, and dressed,

Their faces brighten up with eternal bliss,

Pushed into the battle of talents,

With the weapons of innocence and Knowledge do they strike,

Outshining every other contestant,

The battle continues for weeks and days,

When one day they’re said ‘Its been so nice of you to share this stage!’

When there are tears all around and the mental agony knows no bounds,

The tears are encashed and the Pain is sold for mere TRPs,

But does that make him/her weak,

Is that an end to his existence,

Does it wash away all their dreams,

No its a new start of a journey,

A journey that makes him/her more mature,

Enables him/her to flush out every mistake,

Carves out a Winner out of him/her,

And a day comes When the world says,

‘Yes you are a winner! You are an achiever’!


Yet another Inspiration(Cheers to the Indian girl, Malvika👍) who paves her way to the MIT

Source:Huffington post 

The screenshot speaks for itself more than I could. 

However, I personally feel the Huffington post could have used a better set of Adjectives to describe her Success. 

Afterall success doesn’t need any comparisons!!

Malvika Raj Joshi, a girl from Mumbai gets into The Massachusetts IInstitute of Technology, owing to her outstanding computational and Ttechnological skills.

Hats off to you Malvika!! Take a bow🙌☺☺