Love and Power Cut!!

You actually get to know the people living in your neighbourhood some More, once there’s an unexpected power cut!

Exceptions apart, people generally hold a belief or it is better to say, a habit, to be limited to their families, & sometimes not even to themselves!

People seem to be so busy in their respective worlds, that they hardly find any time for themselves or their families.
It is really sad, but its true.

Yes, I completely agree to the fact,that one needs to work hard, day and night, to earn his/her living and make way for the upliftment of the family and nation; but if we give it a thought, we need to steal a small amount of time and dedicate those moments EXCLUSIVELY for their families.

You may find it a little wierd but in some places these power cuts also result in cultivating new relations,friendship and stronger bonds.

It was a mild summer evening , when the power went out and after waiting for around 15 minutes or so, I preffered to give a stroll in the balcony of my apartment.
I could hear extending chirpings of birds returning from their work fields towards their respective homes, extra audible voices and shrill cries of kids playing in the park, typical society butterflies blooming around their nectar sources, professional ladies and gentlemen returning from work, pressure cooker whistling from the kitchen indicating the ample amount of sweat dropping from the forehead of homemakers owing to the power cut and latent heat radiating from the cooking tops, few ‘Colony Couples’ enjoying their evening walk , living every bit of their lives, and Some retired senior citizens giving a huge laughter therapy to their bodies along with their hands suddenly swaying with every loud laugh they generate

A boy aged around 18 or 19 was also strolling in the balcony, noticed a girl on the apartment just opposite to his.
The girl got to know somehow about this boy whose eye movements showed every bit of his eagerness. They exchaned glances.

To my surprise, I found the guy blushing when he was suddenly spotted by the girl noticing her. Both of them smiled at each other.

I smiled and thought, eyes can work wonders. They can be a strong medium between two people, how so ever is the distance between them.
They seemed to converse continuously through their eyes. Lot more than I could comprehend. I just understood  that,
Love is in the Air!