The Scholarship:Episode 3

“Fuck off!! We don’t want to be a mathematician “, some rowdy guys barked at Kishu as he approached them to enlist their participation for the upcoming Junior Mathematics Olympiad.

“Why do you need to use such a language”, said Kishu in a humble yet powerful tone. 

“We will! don’t try to be our teacher Guruji”, the rowdy guys mocked at Kishu.

“Please, I don’t give a fucking shit about you participating in the Olympiad. I was just asked by Sir to ask from everyone for the participation and……”

Kishu was pushed to the ground. The rowdy boys kicked him in his stomach. As they punched him on his nose, he started bleeding instantly. He tried hard to resist them.

He  punched one of them back. But he was all alone.The boys surrounded him and grabbed him by the collar.They assaulted him for another fifteen minutes, before Anirudh, his friend stepped into the matter along with  Surendra Sir.

“Hey!! Stop it! Are you guys out of your mind!!😬 “, the gang started dissipating quickly as Surendra Sir intervened.

“I will kick you out of the school. You don’t deserve to get educated😬 You morons! Get out of here and go spoil the name of your parents somewhere else”, he quickly made the bleeding Kishu sit on the bike and they left for the nearby dispensary.

(To be continued……)

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An inspirational journey of small village boy, who dreams to become an able administrator and be what they call it as ‘BIG’!

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The Scholarship:Episode 5

​”Why do you always have to brave those rowdy boys”, said anirudh, as they went all the way from hospital to a small lake at the backside of Chachaji’s restaurant,’Padharo Mharo Des’

They sat on the wooden plank placed at the edge of the lake, supported on two tree trunks. They always used to come to this place since their friendship had started.Infact, it was Anirudh who discovered the place. 

They chatted, played and learned their lessons. 

Anirudh was much fond of History and Geography in addition to being a prolific writer. He had written a number of poems that over the time had been appearing in local newspapers across Rajasthan. He dreamt of being a writer and a Teacher one day and teach the children so that they can learn and accomplish their dreams, However, at present he had to accomplish his own, which in a way was a necessity to turn the dreams of others into reality.

“See, I didn’t do it purposely, I just went to ask them to take part in the Mathematics Olympiad as Surendra Sir had told if there would be more participants, the government could sponsor us.”, said Kishu throwing a pebble into the lake, thus generating ripples into the quiet lake. 

“But you shouldn’t have asked them. You know they are just interested in Fooling around. They have no purpose in their lives. But you have!”, said Anirudh.

“Got you bhaii..I won’t do that again”, said Kishu joining his hands and holding his ears .
“But you know what I seriously enjoyed when I slammed them on their faces and one of them on his butt, Hahahahaha😂😂😂”, said Kishu throwing three more pebbles into the lake, this time creating lot more ripples.

“Oh!! C’mon. You hit them. I just can’t believe😯”, said Anirudh appearing to get concerned over Kishu’s aggressive behaviour.

“So what should I have done, just remained there and let them break another three of my bones😬”, said Kishu clinching his fist.

“Relax! Buddy. I am just saying you have a different purpose in your life and I don’t want you to get affected by random people so quickly. Try to ignore and avoid. I am just concerned.”, said Anirudh.

“Leave it! Are you coming with me for the Mathematics Olympiad?”, enquired Kishu.

“I can’t say it as of now. Because I have my Sister’s wedding scheduled the next week and almost every thing has to be managed. Bhaiya(Elder Brother) has already left for Jaisalmer to procure the Caterers and the Band. I have to manage all the relatives as well as look into the preparation part. I hope you understand.”,replied Anirudh.

“……Kishu….Anirudh where are you kids”, chachaji came looking for them.

“Okay! But just one day and the next week I promise, I will finish off my restaurant work early morning and join to help you out for the wedding”, said Kishu standing up with his one hand on Anirudh’s shoulder and another on the tree trunk.

” Okay! Let me see. I will try my best”,said Anirudh.

“That’s my friend, give me five✋”, said Kishu limping towards Chachaji.

(To be continued……..)

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An inspirational journey of small village boy, who dreams to become an able administrator and be what they call it as ‘BIG’!

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The Scholarship:Episode 4

 “Here you are”, doctor Shukla said handing over the medicines and the prescription to Surendra Sir. “I have mentioned the dosage clearly, immediate medication is important as the open wounds have absorbed infection, But there’s nothing to worry about.I have given the antibiotics and he shall be okay within three days”

“Thank you so much Doctor Saab!”, said Surendra Sir thanking him for his quick response.

Dr. Shukla was a young man who had recently joined the Govt. Hospital, as the Incharge. He had qualified the Combined Medical Services Examination conducted by the UPSC and was one of the key pillars to support the fuctionality of the hospital.

The Govt. Hospital, before he joined, was in a treacherous condition. There were no equipments, proper hygiene was not maintained in the hospital and the patients were rarely attended on time. The emergency ward seemed to be just like a general ward.Any cases that were a little complicated was immediately referred to Jaipur. Basically, the people were really irresponsible and hardly hard any sense of service towards the ailing people.

Only after, Dr. Shukla joined, he attended immediately to the needs of the hospital. He played a similar role as Surendra Sir played in the school. He travelled a million times from the city to the Village to procure Proper Equipments, Medicines , Emergency Machines, an ambulance and recruited many of the able assistants, ward boys and Nurses and kicked off all the inefficient assholes who didn’t even care about a person dying on the stretcher!

He organised the entire Village by conducting various Awareness programmes on deadly diseases like AIDS, Cancer, Tuberculosis and Hepatitis. He was also instrumental in setting up of ‘corner dispensaries’, at nearly all important spots in the village. The ambulance facility was made free within the radius of the village.

” Thank you Doctor Uncle”, said Kishu☺ as he jumped off the chair.” I will surely consume all the medicines on time, and be healthy soon☺💪”

As they came outside Dr. Shukla’s room, Chachaji was waiting for Kishu outside on a wooden bench. He stood up instantly,” What did the Doctor say?”

“Don’t panic uncle”, said Surendra Sir,” He just said some infection has crept into Kishu’s wounds as they remain exposed for long time, but he has given the medicines, he will be okay in few days. Don’t worry.”

“But Sir, I have to appear for the Olympiad”,said Kishu with a determined face. 

Surendra Sir smiled and gently stroked Kishu’s hair and patted his back.”Don’t worry, I shall sponsor your Olympiad. Afterall you are one of the Mathematical Genious of our School, right”

” Of course, I am”, Kishu said as gave a high five to Surendra Sir.

(To be continued……)

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An inspirational journey of small village boy, who dreams to become an able administrator and be what they call it as ‘BIG’!

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The Scholarship:Episode 2

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Episode 1

The dawn was yet to break. It was cold, the winds chilled up the surroundings even more. Though dark but the moonlight made the sand dunes shimmer under the star studded sky. The Pole star could be seen very clearly as if the Almighty is radiating some light to curb the darkness in the desert.

Kishu got up at 4 AM everyday and cleaned all the utensils. Following this he took his bath and prayed to the small idol of Lord Krishna and Radha Rani.

He had created  a small table, made up of partly broken Plywood and small logs of nearby forestwood. It was supported on bricks and stones, and had a leg room between the supports. He placed his belongings,  the idol of Lord,  his jute bag which carried his school books, a candle which was supported in a tumbler such that all the melted wax collected in it and the candle was never exhausted!

“Chachaji!! Good Morning☺ Have some tea☕”, said Kishu waking him up.

“Good Morning Kishu☺”, replied Chachaji as he sipped the tea after washing his face.

“So, done with the utensils?”

“Yeah! I have even placed them in the Kitchen, please tell Jambal to wipe them once before he starts to cook in them, as I saw lot of cockroaches roaming around last night”, said Kishu arranging his books in the jute school bag.

“And Please have the medicines on time. I have kept them above the cupboard.”

And he took his little bicycle and left for the school.




“So Children, today we shall begin with the basics of Profit and Loss”,addressed Surendra Sir.

Surendra Gahlot was the only teacher at the Govt. School of the village. He was originally an Engineer but his love for teaching and a passion to make the change, was the reason, the only school in a remote village amidst the sand dunes could actually be functional. He taught nearly all the subjects single handedly and the students loved him too.

He was really dedicated towards making the concepts crystal clear to each and every student of his and helping the talented students with their higher studies in the city, by helping them apply for various scholarships,Government loans and Sponsorship programmes.

Many of his students had already made it to the elite colleges across India, and few of them already settled in Reputed organisations in India and Abroad. He was also intrumental in setting up the solar plant in the school campus which in turn provided electricity to the entire village at Night.

“So Students, you have completed the exercises 1 upto 3 that I gave for homework?”, enquired Surendra Sir.

“Yes! Sir”, the students said in unison.

“Okay! Kishu please collect everyone’s notebook and place it on the table”,

“Right away Sir!”

Tun!!!Tun!! The bell rang indicating lunch hour.

“Okay! Submit your notebooks everyone and we shall meet tomorrow. And yes! Don’t forget to attempt the first ten questions from Profit and Loss Chapter. See you in the evening”,said Surendra Sir as he walked out of the class.

Many of the children who came to study, used to work in the nearby roadside restaurants and in the Market to support their families. And hence the class hours were changed from 7 to 10 in the morning and 4 to 6 in the evening.

“Excuse me Sir! “, said Kishu as he showed his book to sir.

“Yes! Kishu. Do you have any problem solving the questions?”

“No Sir! I just wanted to know if I can appear for the Junior Mathematics Olympiad about which you were talking about yesterday”

“Yeah! Sure. I just forgot to tell the class toady. Actually do one thing ask all your friends if they want to enroll for the same and intimate me by tomorrow morning. If there are enough participants we may get a Government sponsorship for the same”,said Surendra Sir.

“Sure Sir! I would definitely note down their names and give it to you by tomorrow morning”,said Kishu keeping the notebooks on his table.

(To be continued……..)

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An inspirational journey of small village boy, who dreams to become an able administrator and be what they call it as ‘BIG’!

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The Scholarship:Episode 1

While the world was musing over the newly elected leaders, and political debates, currency change overs, the little boy kishu was trying hard to figure out the essential concepts of Arithmetic from his newly bought book. 

After his working hours in the restaurant, he used to sit at the fireplace and tried hard to learn what it required to be called as ‘BIG’ tomorrow!

“And It’s Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States”, the  anchor on the television proclaimed as kishu completed his third exercise.

“So, chachaji how is the president elected?”, asked kishu, out of curiosity.

There had been enough of buzz about the elections going on in the USA, and obviously the young mind was like a sponge,ready to absorb whatever was flowing around.

“Kyu tujhe banna hai kya President( Why, you want to be the president?)”, mocked Jambal, the head cook of Chacha’s Restaurant.

Kishu said nothing and walked out of the room. 

Chachaji asked Jambal to shut up and continue with his work, instead of mocking Kishu. He went outside,patted Kishu on his shoulders and said,” So, do you want to know how the US President is elected?”

Kishu smiled and listened attentively as Chachaji satiated his curiosity by explaining him the entire process of election.

The night was calm, the stars twinkled with all their might, cool winds blew past the sand dunes, the wolf echoed in the silence, the bonfire near the restaurant ensured that no animals came nearby.

“……..and hence the president is elected”, concluded Chachaji.

“Wow! I also want to become the president when I grow up, will I be able to do so?”, asked a puzzled but curious Kishu.

“Yes! Definitely. But initially you have to work hard and concentrate on your studies, things will turn up step by step”, Chachaji said tamping his back.

Kishu smiled and said,”Yes! I will do it..”

(to be continued……..)

Hello guys! Thanks for reading the first part of ‘The Scholarship’ series.

An inspirational journey of small village boy, who dreams to become an able administrator and be what they call it as ‘BIG’!

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The Blue toy car : bridge all the Gaps!

The festive season had already started. The little boy shomu had collected enough money in his piggy bank to buy a new toy this year. Every year,festivals were the time when shomu and his Parents went to the fair market for new clothes and some toys, which were to be used for the coming year. The winter clothes added to their budget but Shomu’s father Mr. Karmakar,who was a Labourer in the only factory of the village,never hesitated to spend a little more than what the budget permitted,especially when the festivals knocked at the door.

 The family spent a good time together. They had fun, frolic and enough of street food to satisfy their year long appetite for the crunchy ‘GolGappas’, Chaat and Samosas. They rode on the ‘Not so’ Giant wheel that arrived at the village during the season. They enjoyed Shooting balloons at the local stalls, Watched the Movie in the village theatre and  had a good time to replenish and rejuvenate themselves for the coming year.

The family sat at a table neighboring the food stall. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the market and the adjoining streets, a lot of life could be seen.

Suddenly shomu noticed a very beautiful toy car in the adjoining shop. His eyes suddenly showed bright reflections. The eyeballs grew big, his heart started pumping similar to a guy craving for a beautiful girl when he falls in love with her in the first sight.

 His face carved big smiles and an insatiable desire to have the blue toy car in his little hands.

His father sensed all the matter in a mere glimpse. He quietly tiptoed to the other end of the shop and called the owner of the toy shop.👋

“Yes!That one👈, can you please bring that here. I will pay you here itself.Actually I just want to surprise my son who seems to be interested in the toy car. Yes that blue one!”

“Sure! Why not. Let me bring it to you”,the owner said with a smiling face etched to his dusky appearance.

His father purchased the toy car and kept it hidden in a bag.

The little boy glared at the toy for few minutes and then moved his face away as he saw the owner picking up and packing in a decent gift wrap.He thought someone else had already bought it and tried to shed off the thoughts of playing with the same. Infact he had already bought two toys, a cricket bat and a Robot and  asking for a car may not make his Parents happy. So, he shrugged all his thoughts about the toy car.

After an hour,they returned back home.

His father called shomu and said,” Son, please get me the wallet from the bag that we had purchased today.”

Shomu found the bag and started searching for the wallet inside it.Suddenly something hard struck his little hands. He instantly took out the article and to his surprise, he found the same blue car in the bag. And his happiness knew no bounds. 

It happens in movies but he literally jumped up with joy😂😂😂😂😂🙆. He ran to father and hugged him tight. He wrapped himself around his Father’s thigh. It was definitely the warmth of the love, a love that no one can explain in words!! His father kissed him and launched him high up in the air. The atmosphere seemed to engulfed with bliss.

Sometimes, small moments in life can prove to be biggest moments of Bliss! 

It is the feeling, no one can define in words!!

This love is enough to Bridge  the gap that has grown into our relationships over the time.All We need to do is to give it a try!

Please do let me know your views in the comments section!!☺


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Rules Priority Clash😇: Episode 5

“Wake up Kush!!!!!! The next is a Bucket of Icy Cold water!! “, yelled Pari throwing a set of pillows on his face.

“Hey! What happened!aghrrhh..”, Kush said as he jumped up on his bed.

“Hurry up or we will miss the interesting stroll and the beautiful Sunrise, along the holy Ganges! Within 10 minutes I want to see you at the reception”, she threw a towel at Kush and rushed out of the room banging the door.

“God! It five in the morning and she’s like the clock has already struck 12! “, He said as he buried his face in the towel and shouted “ahhggherr”. The very next moment he was out of his bed.

“So, where to go?”, Kush said as he joined Pari at the reception.

“Not bad, seven minutes!Good Boy!☺👍 Come on let’s go”

They stepped down to the Aastha Path, a walkway constructed along the Holy Ganges at Rishikesh.

“That…….. is……just……Awesome!!”, exclaimed Kush.

“Serene, heavenly and What not! No words can describe the spectacular Scene and the beauty cuddling in the lap of Mother Nature”, exclaimed Pari.

Kush took out his phone to photograph the scene. 

“That’s What Shouldn’t be done! Why do you spoil the moment by trying just to click pictures and enjoying the moment at all? Live the moment! “,She said and spread her arms and took a deep breath.

Kushagra put his phone in his pocket and Replicated Pari.

The moment of Bliss!

They stood there for 10 minutes feeling every bit of the ambience, absorbing the heavenly feelings, the cool breeze smooth and gentle on the skin, just like Mother Ganga is making them sleep in her lap.

They strolled along the Aastha Path. A temple on the footsteps, accumulated all the beauty of the Nature. The ringing bells, the aroma of the incense sticks engulfed the surroundings, the cuckoo told so many stories in her sweet voice, the water of The Holy Ganges seemed to indulge in a constant conversation with the Nature.

The Sun rose above the green bushy trees and the fog laden hills, the mist above the river added to its beauty. For the first time in their lives, they saw such a beautiful Sunrise, unexpainable, No Adjectives enough to describe its beauty.


He held her hand and said,”Thank You!”

It was unusual, it was different, it was because they lived each moment to their fullest.


Written by:

Vivek Vatsal

Utkarshini Khanna

Conceptualised by:

Vivek Vatsal

Photographs © Vivek Vatsal

Brought to you with love by The team:



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It was a warm day. The humidity added to the discomfort quotient.
I waited until the metro arrived at the platform. A little boy who was really excited to board the metro(probably,his first ride!), was constantly peeping to see if the metro has arrived or not and in doing so he was jumping the yellow safety line on the platform. I warned him and made him understand the usefulness of the safety line.

It was very noisy outside, cacophony of people, quarrels, loud shouts on the phone and non-stop honking owing to the traffic jam below the metro station.

The metro arrived. I boarded the train and luckily found a seat near the corner of the door. And it was cool,quiet and solace. 

Just a moment later, I found two guys standing beside my seat and were murmuring something about motivation. Naturally, I got attracted to what they had to say, but obviously I had to eavesdrop on them, as they talked in feeble voices(which generally the guys don’t do!)

‘bhaii! Motivation tabhi aayegi jab tere deo ki smell me pasine ke smell mix ho jayegii!'( Bro, your motivation quotient won’t be 100% until the aroma of your deo is enriched by the essence of perspiration!!)

Now that was something very big, that I could learn from random people!! Obviously! The words were heavy for me to include them into my memory.

So, that’s about the eavesdropping in silence!! Probably a valuable one!

Do share your views!! Eagerly waiting for them!



Rules priority Clash😇: Episode 3(Haridwar)

As Kushagra and Pratishtha reach Haridwar, they can feel the change in the air. It is not just the climate which feels pleasing against the harsh Delhi heat that they have gotten used to, but, also the aura of that city, there is a certain peacefulness even in a busy bustling street.

source:Google Images

Lost in his own thoughts, suddenly, Kushagra gets startled with the voice of the taxi driver, “This lodge will suit you perfectly bhaisahab. Its close to the Ghat & a very affordable choice for newly wed couples!” 


Shouts an anxious Kushagra. But, Pratishtha interrupts Kushagra in no time by thanking the driver and paying him off to send him away quickly. She grabs Kushagra’s arm and pulls him towards the hotel entrance.

Kushagra exclaims, ‘What was that all about huh? That man just called us newly weds and you went along with it!’ 

To which she replies instantly ‘I cannot believe that a senior executive of a company can be so naive! Do you really think these people will let us live here if they come to know that we are 2 unmarried singles? This is Haridwar not Goa! Now, shut up and let me do all the talking.’ 

They walk towards the reception desk, unaware that the manager has been fondly watching them squabble for a few seconds now. 


The manager greets them and assuming they are a married couple offers to them the honeymoon suite! Kushagra, about to react but, realizes soon that it would be best for him to stay quiet on noticing Pratishtha’s twitching eyebrows and angry eyes. As they move towards the elevator to see their room, the manager whispers to Kushagra, ‘Sir I think madam seems a little fiesty today. Don’t worry there is a surprise waiting for both of you in the room.’ Kushagra then follows the manager to the elevator with a blank face. As they step into the room, Pratishtha squeaks in delight! It isn’t as luxurious as an actual suite is supposed to be since its just a lodge but, it is still something! They see a bouquet of fresh red roses on the bed and complimentary chocolates near the pillows! As Pratishtha moves towards the window & opens the curtains, they meet their big surprise, a serene view of the mountains with the Ganga flowing towards the Har Ki Pauri Ghat. Kushagra turns around and tells the manager ‘We’ll take it!’ 

After freshening up & gorging on the complimentary refreshments, they head out for the exciting rope-way ride to the famous Mansa Devi Temple.

On reaching the hilltop, they are left completely awestruck.


 It is as if the entire city is at their feet, the green trees covering most of the land, the mesmerizing mountain ranges spread all over the vicinity & the serene Ganga flowing from the mountains towards the ghats, spreading her roots everywhere and the cool wind against their calm faces, it feels like heaven to them.
As they stand inside the temple, side by side, smiling, their eyes transfixed on the beautiful idol of Goddess Mansa Devi, a priest comes up to them and says, ‘Do you know why people come so far to this humble temple?’ ‘She is the Manokamna Devi (the wish-granting goddess)!’ On hearing this, both of them smile and close their eyes, bow their heads and whisper a silent prayer to the almighty.’ On the entire way back, none of them speak anything, they just smile and absorb the serenity of the place, in peace…

As the sun seems to set, they pace towards the Har Ki Pauri ghat for Haridwar’s prominent Ganga aarti. 

Source: Google images

And, they are so glad that they do! It is the most alluring thing they have ever seen in their lives. Thousands of people standing besides the flowing holy river with hundreds of tiny diyas floating away, singing the powerful aarti alongside priests with saffron robes and radiant foreheads, giant bells in their hands & enormous smiles on their faces! 

Kushagra and Pratishtha, standing, watching, listening, feeling, the power of that moment, that place. Kushagra moves his gaze from the pure & holy Goddess Ganga to Pratistha’s face, which now glows from the light of the diyas, her sparkling eyes fixed on the river and her soft lips moving in prayer, he realizes he has now seen someone as beautiful as the goddess herself.

Written by:

Utkarshini Khanna

Conceptualised by:

Vivek Vatsal

Brought to you with love by The team:



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#The Unfinished journey


Rules Priority Clash!😇 :Episode 2

It was almost silent indoors, most of the people were busy with their smartphones and laptops. Some not so busy, stuffed earphones and slept in solace. Some hungry, chubby kids randomly peeped through the passage, whether refreshments were being served, and probably their wishes were granted.
Two lean men,one with stacked trays of Refreshment and the other with a carton of RailNeer Water bottles marked their entry into the compartment, with a screeching sound of the sliding door. They began serving.

The coach was not much occupied and there were many vacant seats. One of the kids was constantly changing his position between two vacant seats. 

Children enjoy a lot in the trains!

Kushagra was constantly looking outside the window and pondering over something that had it on his nerves since long. 

“Excuse me Sir! Here’s your refreshment! Ma’am here’s your”, interrupted the attendant.

” ya! Sure. Thank you!”, replied Pratishtha.

Disconnected from all these stuff, Kushagra kept pondering on the outside world that moved past his eyes.Industrial setups on the outskirts of Delhi, Roads, traffic jam, Cart pullers drained with sweat, Delhi Metro making strides, Local trains and people hanging on the doors. He could see much, but all he was able to comprehend was that none was perfectly happy in his/her world, still they were upto their daily routine and the rules setup by the society.

“Kush!! Hey!!..”, she patted on his shoulders.

“Hn.anh..”,He jolted, as if he suddenly woke up from a dream!

“Have some refreshments!”, she said offering him the sandwich.

“No, I don’t feel like having them”,he dejected.

” oh! Have some please. You did not have your dinner last night! Did you?”, she pleaded.

‘Zummm..Tagad… Tagad …Tagad tagad..’,Suddenly a train passed on the adjacent track in opposite direction. The previous night cascaded infront of his eyes.

Previous night…..

As he unlocked the door, he could find a pamphlet lying on the doormat.

 It read:

Are You Really Happy with your Life?

 Is your life stressed to its maximum limit?

Have you lived your life upto its fullest?

Have you made a to-do list, but not able to achieve it?

Guaranteed Solutions!! Meet the experts! Change yourself within a week!

Call on the following numbers:


He sat down on the chair. Kept his bag aside, threw his shoes in disgust, first the right one followed by the left one.

Instances from office room echoed again and again..

“How  could you be so careless! You’re a senior executive!Damn It! 

Isn’t the company is paying you fucking enough to get your ass off the shit!!!

You’re a bloody looser!! Get the fucking out of my sight”

“Chuymm..”, the phone tore apart the silence, announcing new conversations.

He swiped the Notification bar.

‘Time for Clash of the Rules!!’, adressed the caption of the selfie. It was Pratishtha.

“Scee…chtch”, the train stopped with a jolt.

There was commotion in the compartment. A bulky lady entered the coach with an even big Luggage. She struggled hard to fit into the seat adjacent to the third row.

“Have a look! This is the journey map.I have created it myself.”, Pratishtha said handing over the iPad to Kushagra.

It was the map of India dotting locations with a green dot starting from Delhi,moving along Uttarakhand, UP, Bihar, West Bengal, Assam, Arunachal, Meghalaya, Orrisa, Andhra pradesh, Tamil Nadu terminating partially at Kanyakumari, thereafter a dotted line joined back Kanyakumari to Delhi via Kerala, Karnataka, Goa, Mumbai ,Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Kota, Jaipur.

“That’s huge”, Said Kushagra, bringing a smile on his face.” And you, were going to do that alone?”

“You haven’t changed a bit Pari”, he said hitting her head softly.

The train started with a jerk!!

“Not at all Kush!!😊😇😎☺Should I Pretend to do so?Hahaha..”, jolted Pratishtha……….(To be continued)

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