Excuse me!😉

I will definitely bring you ice cream, but At times, I may consume it on the way back😋 Excuse me for that😉

I will definitely take you for shopping, but At times, I may go astray and check out others but you😉 Excuse me for that🙏

I will definitely make you smile with my crazy jokes, but At times, I may crack some really unfunny-fucking-shit, and I would be the one and only to laugh at it😇😉, Excuse me for that🙋

I will bestow all love and care, but At times, I may even piss you off with my wierd activities and Over the top possessive attitude(I know girls love it when they find their guys being a little possessive!)😉, Excuse me for that.

I will be what you like, I will be what you love, I will be awesome; but At times, You may be stunned by my innocence and stupidity, 😣Excuse me for that.

I will accept all you want, But if you tell me to stop loving or thinking about you, Excuse me for a lifetime, I am sorry, I really can’t let that happen, Because 

“I Love You”

Now come on! Give me that cute “Awwww…”😊, or else I won’t give you the 5 reasons for which I love you!😉



#InstaTale 1

One day when we were sitting in the park and ranting all stuffs, from head to toe, from North pole to South Pole everything, literally.

One of us said, ” Guys! You know my parents are so after me. They literally advice me for every other thing. They behave as if I am still a kid. They ask every detail like what have I eaten, when will I go for classes, Have I washed my clothes in a while, Have I kept my room tidy, and blah…blah..blah..I dont understand why exactly are they up my sleeves,like I am a nobody, like I have no individuality, like I am stranded in my own world, Whyyyyy? “

There was an awkward silence in the atmosphere for a few seconds, following which an old man walked past us saying ” You will get to know your ‘why’ when you will become Parents, one day and probably then Your kids may ask you the same question. Reply the same! “, He smiled and moved forward!

All I could do was just musing how can some people be so apt!