Yet another deal!! US and China. Towards a Greener Earth…..

Source: Inshorts via The Guardian

With whooping share of 38% of Global Greenhouse Gases emissions, China and United states have finally ratified the Much awaited deal, the Paris Climate Change Agreement. 

It will be interesting to note the steps that would be taken by these Nations in contributing their part to Protection of Environment, which is more than requirement of the hour today.


Looking for an Inspiration, this 9 year old American boy delivers enough of it!!

Source: Inshorts

Feeling stunned and inspired!!

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Awake and Arise

From the slumbers of darkness,

From the clutches of Malnutrition and Poverty,

From the equality in inequality,

From the clustered and dilapidated hutments in the slums,

From the greased corners of high profile societies,

From the Mountains nestled in the lap of Mother Nature,

From the jolly rivers jumping round nook and corners of Polished stones and gravelly bed,

From the sandy beaches to the towering plateaus,

From the green paddy fields to the yellow mustard fields,

From the unidentified corners of ignorance , to the Enlightened corners of Knowledge

Peeps a pair of needy eyes, Let them awake, Let them arise.


©Vivek Vatsal