The Book of Life📖#1

Everyday we get convinced that our story has been written , and the very next moment, it feels like…..more words,emotions and expressions are yet to come!!


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The Midnight Letterbox📬

Letter No.2

The words may not lie,but some expressions do. 

The moment people believe these camouflaged faces, they are betrayed, never to recover!!


Beyond Physical Sensations…

They got bare, 

just to dissolve in their respective souls,


make love, 

much more beyond physical sensations!


Is it your Story too?📖✒

He always made others smile, experience love and be motivated…

And the pain he had, never seemed to intrude in his words,

They saw his words smile, when his tears irrigated them to allow the flowers of bliss to blossom…


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The Midnight letterbox📬

Letter No.1

Unknown, yet so familiar… The People may be different, but the words often connect them…

Strangers, yet your mind, reads them, and finds a self reflection….

It may be coincidence, It may be fate,

But, Words are true, They never lie!!


Let My Words…

​Let my words be with me,

 Let them explore more of me everyday, 

Let them dissolve into the intriguing dunes of Imaginary Confluences ,

Let every letter speak out its story, loud and clear, 

fathomless expressions and intricate relationships, let it project all of them, 

let it reverberate the absconding beliefs, 

let it foretell the never said before,

 let it confront the hurdles with  ideas and innovations,

let it say more…and more..and even more…

Let my words help me, be Me,

Let my words be my Strength,

Let my words make me believe in myself,

Let my words touch the people and heal them, make them smile and make them believe  in themselves…


Beyond Named Relationships❤

​Distances can’t limit my feelings for you,

named relationship can’t portray our love,

I don’t care if the people call me insane,

Perhaps they cannot comprehend what my soul feels for you,

Perhaps they just read the words and cannot read my eyes,

And our souls will keep smiling, just because we are still not aware that they connected forever when your eyes met mine!!

Unseen mist in her eyes❤

Unseen mist in her eyes absorbed the emotions deep, 
Soaked in his love she forgot the moment, 

the moon waited for her,

 like every other night, but she forgot the world in his arms!!



She always lived for others,

She carved a smile on everyone,

She cared like a Mother and Loved like a Father,

She sacrificed so much, cut a part of her needs, neglected her essentials to fulfill the greed-because she hardly knew it was such,

She accepted the pains, troubles, struggles whole heartedly,

She convinced herself everytime they inflicted it upon her,

She always thought they were her own,

But they always proved that they were ‘Others’!

But she will rise once again, she will gain the strength they drained out, she will convince herself once more, she will , she will….and guess what she just started off!!



​Amidst the cacophony of thousand vehicles,

Along the dusky streets, lit up in the daylight,

With the hot gust of gases from the engine exhausts,

The shrill voices of the hawkers and silly downtrodden yet sweet quarrels,

Thousands of people moving randomly to earn their living,

Different faces, different emotions , yet their vibe appears similar,

Thoughtful, Disillusioned,yet the undying spirits,

Broken, compressed yet so dynamic,

Yes,They are busy in their lives, they are busy for their lives,

Yes, they believe to do some work,

Yes, they run, they jump, they crawl,

Yes, they try, try and try and they are the one who emerge out of the crowd, to lead the busy world,

Yes, they are in you and you are in them.