You are with me! You are in me!

In the garden of memories,

Flowers of feeling blossom,

Faces smile and cacade before eyes,

And the lips curve into smiles,

Goosebumps across the body,

Closed eyes feel their presence,

Soft cotton like breeze gently massages the face,

The warmth of the rising Sun comforts the cold skin,

The chirping of birds, as if they are the whispers,

Yes! I can feel your presence,

Yes! You are with me. You are in me.


The Wheels Rattle!

The wheels rattle, the whistle blows,

And again I leave for a journey to my dream,

Calm, soothing and cold, the breeze says it all,

Peeping through the window,

A little light from the Sun illuminates me within,

With the sight of birds flying high, the belief becomes more stern,

The pastures silently whisper their untold stories,

And the ripples of the lake seem to eavesdrop on us,

The heart had a lot to say, but it preferred to be quiet,

The mind had lot to imagine, but the words were short,

The wheels rattle and the whistle blows,

And again I leave for a journey to my dream!



Things don’t change unless we want them to,

The world doesn’t become bright unless the people want it to!

What do you want? Time to ponder! Do let me know your views.



You didn’t know how to walk when you were a child, So? 

You gradually learned.

You didn’t know how to pronounce a word, So?

Now you know many of them.

You didn’t know how to solve arithmetic questions, so?

Now you offer the same questions to your students.

You didn’t know how to speak in public,so?

Now you can not only speak with command but you can convince people too.

You questioned to your teachers, or probably to yourself, so?

Now you impose question on others.

Your classmates bullied you, so?

Now no one can even dare to!

You were so caught into the phase between Adolescence and Adulthood, so?

Now you handle global relationships.

You didn’t know how to tell your heart to your crush,so?

Now people know him/her as your better half.

You thought if success is meant for you, so?

Now people ask you for your success mantra.

You still ponder have I achieved something in my life, so?

Now you have an answer to this!

Don’t forget to value yourself everyday.You are an amazing human being. Respect yourself. Keep yourself happy, before you can make others to do so!


The kid and the squirrel!

School kids often do many annoying things to climb upon your nerves.

Like….Shouting, Shrill Voice yet loud Conversations, Asking so many questions(sometimes those beyond their age!😎) and Not settling at a single place for more than a minute. 

Two minutes time given. Close your eyes and imagine all of these.

Okay! Imagined.

However, the kid who draw my attention was not at all like these.

He was a small, cute boy probably studying in Kindergarten, sitting near a Banyan tree and quietly eating his lunch.Amidst the cacophony of hundreds of children, some jumping, some houling, some running; and this boy was totally confined within himself.

Meanwhile, A little squirrel was making marathons from one end of the courtyard to the Banyan tree. Probably, looking for some food to feed her young ones, as there were three other little squirrels but very quiet,just like the small boy. 

The boy was observing the squirrel and had perceived clearly that the squirrel was not able to collect the amount of food she needed. After seeing it for another five minutes, the little boy dropped two little cookies and went away at a distant place where the squirrel could not see him. 

As the squirrel came near the tree, she found two cookies broken into small pieces(as the boy had dropped it down) so that it could easily carry the same to her children.

The little boy who was hiding beside the tree started clapping and was overwhelmed with joy. His little cheeks turned pink with smile. He was in a state of Bliss!

I learned a very important lesson from the little boy.

Life is really fragile, we must handle it with care and compassion!

And that what gives you happiness, you must never refrain yourself from doing that,keeping in mind what the time demands!!



7 ways in which ‘Reblog’ acts as rudder in your WordPress Journey? 

You must go through it else you don’t need to read it at all!

Okay! Imagine yourself. You’ve written an awesome article. You’ve put so much of efforts in elucidating each fact, polishing each experience, living every feeling, and jotting down all what compelled you to think.

You choose a very beautiful ‘Featured Image’ that relates pretty well with your post. And then you publish it.

After 6 hours( If you’re really strong enough to hold you thumb for so long!!) When you check for the reviews by other bloggers, I bet , you will have enough of likes but nearly half the no. Of views and so ‘Down to Earth’ no. Of comments actually complimenting your work!!

You turn gloomy and after repeated number of such Instances, you will be like ‘Aahhh!! Blogging is not for me! I will straight away write down a BestSeller Book!!!😎’

That’s it! Your  WordPress journey is over!

Here comes the importance of REBLOGS!

Imagine that while sailing across, a very experienced blogger finds your post to be really awesome and He/She reblogs your post and this in turn brings you in contact with so many of other Bloggers and Editors who are in touch with this experienced blogger and guess what, here you are getting huge traffic, huge no. Of follows and even better no. Of quality bloggers whose mere contact can boost your blogging career like anything!!

And then you too can brag about ‘How to be rich and famous!!😎😊’

So basically,(especially for those of you who skipped the part above despite my pleadings!!😊) here is how  Reblog helps you:

  • Reblogs not necessarily mean sharing, but they mean ‘Sharing a quality content’ and so the moment your post gets reblogged you can be sure that your writing skills are really improving with time.
  • Every time someone reblogs your post, in a way he/she links your post to their page and hence open your blog for a double amount of traffic.
  • You get more attention by the audiences related to your niche, which helps you to become a popular name in that particular niche.(Just like, if Bruce Lee had done Romantic movies unlike Action ones, then probably the world may have known him in an entirely different way, which obviously was not his niche.)
  • Sharing is Caring is what justifies Reblogs totally, in addition ‘Sharing’ may also help you to add some dollars to your account😎
  • Discover posts are obviously known to all the Bloggers I guess where the WordPress guys pick up an interesting post and the whole world peeps into it, imagine the amount of traffic!! Imagined? Okay, Reblogged posts often have high probabilities to find a way to these Discover posts!!
  • What is my profit if I reblog others’ posts? That it will definitely fetch you ‘more’ views if you’re too busy to compile your posts and your stats are struggling hard to find a peak!
  • Last but certainly not the least, they help you find some really wonderful people across the globe sharing similar mindset as yours and they too shall be happy to have you in their lives. Or in a nutshell, IT WILL HELP YOI BUILD STRONG RELATIONSHIPS IN THE VIRTUAL WORLD WHICH MAY TURN TO BE THE SAME IN THE REAL WORLD AS WELL!!☺

    Happy Blogging☺👍


    Its when you are sandwiched between ‘likes’ and ‘views’, Reblog comes to your rescue!!

    <a href=””>Sandwich</a&gt;

    The Road to Vrindavan!!

    It has been a year, since I penned down this story, yet it seems afresh!! 

    The true relation between Almighty and humans needs no explanation! Feelings are all what one needs!

    Have a look!

    Link to The Road to VrindaVan

    Share it. Really??

    Talking and sharing experiences is something that has been lost over the time into the dreary deserts of Loneliness, Self Confinement and Exclusive Technology of the kind of ‘Personal’ technologies.

    People find it better to share their experiences on blogs and social networks rather than discussing it among themselves. Technology driven friendship has grown to such an extend that today Facebook reminds us ‘Okay! It’s your friend’s birthday today! Plan something great!’. Yet, do we really plan? No we don’t.

    Rather, we google search for a beautiful ‘Happy Birthday Greetings’ poster and copy and paste the same on to the walls of our friends. And mind it, you do this to the friend who is CURRENTLY associated with you. What about other friends, with whom the only thread of friendship is on Facebook! Ohh! We don’t even give a damn about them. Who cares to visit the wall even!!

    Why has this happened?

    Because we have stopped talking and started surfing more often. And It doesn’t mean I am an exception to this. Not at all! I even do the same. Probably the people mould you in a way you don’t want to, but ultimately they win in doing so. 

    Can we loose like this to ourselves?

    No we should not!

    We must at least try to improve upon and keep a balance between the real and the Virtual world.

    For there are so many friends when you are online,

    But once you switch off the data, No friend exists beside you!!

    Okay if you haven’t just scrolled it all along, let me know your views on this!

    More Importantly spread the word not just in the virtual world but also in the real world. Talk to people, tell them why everyone today is so stressed out that he/she talks or scribbles his/her thoughts only with Phone or a diary. Why not discuss it with your Parents, siblings and Friends who are actually there in your lives. You may not need to find them in clouds storages!!


    Midnight Musings

    The clock strikes midnight

    Moonlight filters through the window pane

    Still somewhere in the world 

    Someone rejoices someone cries in pain

    Half of the world is ought to be asleep

    But you dont know what compelled them to take a stroll in their adjoining lane

    Some talk, some chat, some are silent, some are violent

    Love brews up somewhere, Hatred kills down somewwhere

    In this world of so many people

    The world stands at rest

    But the minds are still running.


    <a href=””>Recharge</a&gt;


    Ever wondered why quotes are enclosed within DOUBLE QUOTATION MARKS?

    Because these two quotation marks contain big things, bigger than people can imagine, bigger than what paragraphs can teach you, bigger than what stories may depict, 

    Basically these are experiences of many people across the globe and beyond in a crisp form!!

    For quotes can make you learn many things, depending upon how you perceive!!

    Steve Jobs has rightly said,”Stay Hungry Stay Foolish”