Are the youngsters not interested in religion?

Hi guys, The other day, I was glancing over the articles in one of the magazines ,when I found the interview of one of my favourite Authors. I started reading and following 3 to 4 questions he was questioned on how did he manage to publish his first book on his own.

The author replied, ” My first book was rejected by almost every publisher I approached.They reasoned that YOUNGSTERS ARE NOT INTERESTED IN RELIGION.Finally I had to self publish it ”

Now, this is a big statement for any publishing house to make, as it nearly contradicts the entire youth generation as they are openly called as someone who have no interest in religion or religious talks!

What I personally feel, the youngsters today have a more developed outlook towards every phenomenon of the society. They have carved out broader views on religion, family, relationships, life, and growth.

They love God even more, but do not want to confine themselves into the ideologies of a certain religion. BASICALLY, YOUNGSTERS HAVE ACCEPTED A GLOBAL RELIGION.

They are free to frame the best principles and ideologies  out of the global curriculum.They have setup new benchmarks utilising both technology and the traditional perspectives. 

In a comic way if I would say,

“They dont mind conversing with God when they’re having burgers and fries ”

” They dont mind sharing their thoughts with Almighty while offering Him a sip of their coke”


In a nutshell, 

They Dont Just Revere God, but Love Him!

 Time to ponder over! Please do share your views!




While the Youth is busy fighting for Net neutrality,
Another teenager out there in a village is toiling hard to shape up his/her career ,burning midnight oil lamps as he has no access to Electricity except in his Physics Book! Let alone the need for Net neutrality!

While the  Youths are busy sharing their  views on so called ” Trending ” issues;
Someone out there , living in an Offline world, still awaits when will the declared Compensation, reach his  pocket, so that he can confidently plan for the next season crop.

When the youths are signing a virtual petition for change, the matter waits to see; if it would really work, or its just

While the Government is planning for another pay commission, the common man out there has to exaggerate his expenditures, to calculate the true savings.

While the  producers are busy grossing ” 100 Crores “, The real ‘margarita with a straw’ is widening her sunken eyes, to look out  for “CONCERN ” , rather than     ” CRITICAL RECEPTION” &    ” COMPLIMENTS”. It feels her like another Movie on so called , “women empowerment”!

While thousands of students are busy protesting and imposing their demands on the Government;
Another group of Entreprenuer turned students are busy, spoofing some of the “Famous” targets, in a way; encashing their popularity to fund theirs; obviously creativity is what they should be applauded about!

So, basically these mark the emergence of a new Youth, with concerns about Politics,Society,Money, Fame,And much more beyond our Imaginations.

Their energy voilates all the conventional barriers, good or bad, they often are carried away by the people and thoughts. Emotions do exist, but with a brain in it!

A group of dedicated youth however, also mark their existence who not just sign the petitions, but are working on the grassroot level to shape up the things, to make ideas work, to execute the plannings and to give upliftment and motivate the newborn innovations and ideas.

Probably, shaping up the things is not easy, but to start with small attempts is a bigger step!