Healthy Pizza!!😂 yeah!! You heard that right😎

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Vacation time for kids and their requests never end for junk and chatpata food. But being a mother I understand, whats the importance of Healthy Food … My little loves Cheese Pizza . She orders to make it frequently,which i cant do. All Purpose Flour, yeast , cheese etc etc, Cant be served frequently . So I thought of a healthy version, with help of my Sister Chef..I made Pizza at home, but  No Maida, No Yeast . Just normal Whole Wheat Flour and some spices and preferable topping.. and a THIN CRUST , Crispy Cheesy Pizza is ready.

Indian  friends very well understand whats Bhakhri, but for friends from abroad let me explain a bit on it. Bhakhri , is a kind of Flat bread, very popular in Gujarat. It is made from Whole Wheat Flour. Check out the detailed recipe of Bhakhri here.

Checkout the delicious and…

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Bangkok- vendors, small trade & food

The Best of Bangkok!!☺👍


Stands, stalls, markets big and small, little shops shimmering with thousands of colours. It is all accessible every step and behind every corner.

duran fruit Surrounded by Duran fruit

Small trade in Bangkok is as lively as never ending traffic, and it’s perfectly fitting in the labyrinth of narrow streets, lanes and long alleys. Colourful diversity and abundance of offered snacks, meals, services, goods and other things convenient to trade is integral part of the city’s life.

street vendor Through glass case

Multitude of stands and people behind them with all their products bring some freshness in the heavy from tropical heat metropolis.

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