Along the Holy Ganges..

​​Fog studded pathways, shimmering water of the Holy Ganges;

Floating clouds and Determined mountains,

Spirituality on the backdrop of self realisation, the cool quiet atmosphere,

Birds seemed to talk amongst themselves, discussing the pains, the struggles and the blissful moments,

The adjoining rocks creating awesome music in unison with the splashing and flowing water,

The Sun wakes up from the pillows of the snow covered mountains- Yawning and getting prepared to Illuminate the lives of Infinite souls,

The clouds seem to play hide and seek when the rays of the Sun tickle them to laughter,

The bliss is here, The Nature is here, The Mountains say so much, The waters whisper their fascinating tales,

The One up above in the Heavens, smiles and bestows His blessings…


Thanks for your precious time!! Stay Tuned for more!


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