Why Civil Engineering?

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It’s all About Civil Engineering!!

Its All About Civil Engineering


On one fine morning you just randomly step out of your door and decide to take out your car, or may be a public transport ,say a bus.

The bus/your car takes you to your nearest metro station.

You take a metro train and swim across the underground tunnels, or the bridges, or the viaducts,seated on your seat, enjoying Eminem or may be Enrique. Irrespective of your musical involvements, you comfortably land to your destination metro station.

On the way, you had a sip of water which came from the water purifier, stored in your bottle.

You got down at the metro station, used the elevators, borrowed a bicycle from the metro Bicycle vendor. Then you randomly drove across the dedicated bicycle lanes. Paused at the traffic signal, resumed when it said Green and finally after ten more minutes you reach you University campus. Lush green, also supplemented by…

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