Collaborators Required: Join IncrediblePie!!

Hello guys!!

First of all, thank you for attending to my Request!!

 It has been a great journey on WordPress so far with you people. I got an opportunity to meet interesting people from across the Globe and got to know about their varied interests,views,beliefs,expressions,culinary skills,passion for photography and an ever growing love for learning new things and exploring new facets of Life and People and incorporating them onto their beautifully Created and Designed Blogs.

Now, as you know I have started A StoryBlog Series ‘Rules Priority Clash!๐Ÿ˜‡‘ which is a story about Kushagra and Pratishtha(ex-couples, Whatsapp friends as of now!)who are sandwiched between  ‘Present Day Official Trauma’ and ‘Travelling The World’ kind of to-do lists and one fine day, they finally decide to disembark their  ‘Rules and Priorities’ and clash with them to embark on a journey to fulfill their Unconventional dreams and in doing so they travel all over India. But… there are twists….There are turns…enough to leave you awestruck at times, some crazy, some emotions strained and that is not all….More is yet to come.

So, having told you about this series, I would like you to note the following in this regard:

1. This a huge dream, that I can fulfill only with your help and support; so please do think once to contribute your part to this dream! Besides, being Obliged, I shall also promise you that the collaboration would directly or indirectly add to your Talents and will definitely benefit you in the long run.

2. What you will get? Yes, it’s an obvious question. But all I would answer is that I am one among you, and yes Its true that IncrediblePie is yet to grow so much that It can add to our monetary benefits. But!! I can assure you that if you be its support today and mould it with care,It is quiet possible that it will definitely add to your Brand Value one day. 

All Big dreams today had started off some day, there were believers, who have become achievers today!!

Can you be a part of my belief?

3. Okay, I need help from all of you, no matter whether you write Poetry, Travelogue, Food blog, Descriptive Essays, Dialogues, Life Hacks, Thought processes. Whether you are an awesome video maker, an enthusiast photographer or an excellent observer. I need all of you to collaborate to this series.

4. Why? Because, as you know the journey is going to be a long one, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, From Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh; hence I would like participation from all of you living in different cities or villages across India or abroad.

5. Also, if the StoryBlog series gets good response, we can even plan a YouTube Channel together. I need not tell you how much in demand are the Web Series today!!

Please do let me know your views and whether you can be a part of my dream!

Thank you so much for giving your precious time!!

I accept your decisions whatever it is going to be!

I will still hold you at the bottom of my heart!!

Yours For Life!



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