Tormented by the waves of artificial people, I sat on the beach,forlorn and dejected,
Shaping wierd imaginations, wild and cruel- sometimes, even worse,

The life needed a purpose, a reason, a boost up, to draw me out of the trenches of negativity and colourless emotions,

The life needed a ray of light to illuminate me,to support me, and to carve a ‘new me’ out of the ‘broken me’;

And then came a ray of the rising Sun, that kindled sparks within me- once more 

and a distant wave travelling distant miles,

Yes, it struggled hard,

 it jumped high and low,

 it got struck in the vortex,

 it fought against the thousands of wave, that did not want him to reach its destination, that demoralised the spirits, that inflicted its confidence,

But the determination could never be killed,  and after few minutes of struggle,  I could see, the wave, with all its might, came gushing towards the sea shore and it was unstoppable….

My life was illuminated and I discovered the REASON, the PURPOSE, that I was looking for……!



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