Some thousand people can magnetise others,

Some hundred people can convince others,

Some Handful people can motivate others,

But only You can convince yourself, before looking for motivation,before convincing others, before actually magnetizing the crowd….

Focus on the GOOD in Yourself and Convince Yourself that inspite of all odds, 

YOU can do it, not because others want it from you ,

 not because expectations push you every other day,

not because some random people around the globe would impose their moral creativity on you,

 not because it would make you rich, popular or virtually contented; 

But Because It will make YOU and moreover YOUR SOUL happy, 

Once the happiness is embedded in your soul forever….IT IS EMBEDDED FOREVER…


Do Share your views, questions, suggestions in the comment section!!!

And one last thing, if you like my post, do share it, not just on social media, rather I would say, A Word of Mouth is the best way to share our feelings, do it because in the present scenario the world needs to talk…literally!!

Speak it out loud to thr person adjacent to you, LET THE WORLD BE CONNECTED BY FEELINGS AND EXPRESSIONS rather than just text and images!!

Thanks for Reading!!


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