The ‘mature’ kid


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“A small step can bring about great change.”

I realised this statement even better when I found a little school going kid, involving in some really unpredictable behaviour.
Yes, unpredictable because, generally kids at tender ages of 4 to 5 years, who probably attend kinder garten, are involved in playing with soft toys and dreaming about their favourite cartoon characters, glancing through comic books and listening to bed time stories from their parents. You must be thinking, why am I explaining all these! That would be better adressed by the following excerpt of what I, visualised while waiting for my bus at a bus stop.

Probably, the kid was waiting for his mom at the bus stop after he deboarded his school bus with his friends.
Few minutes later, a well built muscular man passed by, dropping the banana peel on the road along with a plastic bottle. He crushed the bottle with his feet and strolled along , chatting on his phone.

Point to be marked here; there was a dustbin just adjacent to the spot where he threw the bottle and the banana peel.All he had to do, was to bent his hand a little and the disposal would have been proper.

Within few seconds, the kid rushed and picked up the banana peel and the bottle and disposed it off into the dustbin.

He took out his bottle, cleaned his hands and kept the bottle back into his little school bag.
A few minutes later a shimmering scooty stopped near the kid. The kid occupied the backseat held his mother’s waist tightly. Within few seconds, the scooty disappeared amidst the dust cloud.

I was completely speechless by the level of maturity shown by the kid, that in turn was expected from the man!

If the people, get involved in more such activities, and spread the awareness, our surroundings, city , Nation and probably the entire world will become cleaner, and more environment friendly.

If such small kids, can take the lead, why cant we?

It doesnt depend which country or region we belong to, but We should put forward little steps to keep our atmosphere safe and healthy.

Please do keep yourself and your surroundings clean
Keep smiling.


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