7 Essentials for making your WordPress blog look Awesome! 

Looks matter!

Imagine you are on a journey, and you suddenly notice a beautiful girl and you get attracted to her. Rest is history.


Have you ever wondered what was the factor that attracted you to the girl?

Probably, Her looks would be the first answer.

Similar is the case with Blogs.

A Blog attracts the people primarily owing to its looks. Okay! You may disagree here. 

You may also argue that ‘Content is what matters the max.’ I agree with this completely. In addition I would say ‘Quality Content is what matters!’

I will clarify that!

Imagine(Oh! You dont need to, because you will probably walk to a Burger Joint after reading this!)

So, You are on a Burger joint and the beautiful saleswoman gives you a pamphlet of the Menu. Your eyeballs quickly look for the ‘Best Looking Burger'(Mind you, the Looks!) And then,you  taste it.

So, you see and then taste the Burger that appealed to you!

Similar, is the case with Blogs!

You read the content(expect few who give priority to content and read the same first) and then you actually read the content after it attracts your attention and appeals to you relatively more than others.

Now, I hope you’re convinced enough to go for it! Yes! Then let’s go for it.

  • Choose a suitable theme as per the genre of your blog. If your blog has multiple niches you can go for the maximum used niche type or opt for a general theme that goes well with nearly all your posts.
  • Create a Gallery of the images in your blog preferably on the home page!
  • Organise the menu items, demarcating each with dedicated catchy Tagline!
  • Invest in high quality images (and make sure you credit the source! ) for every post that you publish!
  • Choose a Spectacular Background image by choosing the Customization options available in WordPress.
  • Use Photo cumText Images widely to reinforce your thoughts.
  • Whenever you post Quotes, make sure it carries a suitable image and not just a random one to attract the desired audience.
  • Interviews and Travel generally need to supplemented with lots of Images to make it look unique and Authentic.
  • Last but Not the Least, In the about section of your blog, please add a decent pic(captioned accordingly😎) of yours to help your readers know you more personally and Connect with your blog easily.

Hope this will make your blog appeal hotter and more Sexy than ever!! Hahaha☺

Bye!! Take Care.



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