“This is the best thing that happened to me in this city bus in the last few years. And I’m glad I met you today!” – I said.

Must read!!☺👍Simple yet Beautiful!!
Awesome work Karthik Pillai👍 We need more people like you!

The Scribbled Writings

I was traveling in my city bus, a regular mode of my transport. Already running short of time to reach the office, I constantly cursed myself for hitting the snooze button at 5am.

I always do this. Not a new thing for me. I scuffled with my own conscious and unconscious mind trying to decide amongst them who was the real culprit putting myself in a difficult situation.

“Are you going heed the fumes of the manager now?” I questioned them both. It was my breath that I could hear for that moment. Pin drop silence. Within minutes, I managed to board a bus to reach my office. The bus was packed but people could stand, around 25 king-sized really can. Regular bus traveling has made my eagle eyes (observation) better. I was waiting for someone to get down so that I can get a place to sit.

After a…

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